Good Kisser Movie Review ( @goodkissermovie )from @kleffnotes

Good Kisser had a sneak peek screening event at ClexaCon this year, but while I couldn’t attend in person I was lucky enough to be able to watch the movie after the convention. Release this month, Good Kisser focuses on Jenna who is struggling with anxiety and a desire to please her partner, Kate. Due to her feelings of insecurity she finds herself agreeing to take part in a three way with Kate and a woman named Mia. Over the course of one night secrets and lies are revealed, passions rise, and Jenna will have to decide what matters most to her.

Right from their introduction Jenna and Kate seem to have a very tense relationship. Jenna constantly tries to lean on Kate, share kisses, and is constantly trying to please her by maintaining a positive attitude, without ever being annoyed. Based on their conversation, Jenna is very nervous about the evening they have planned with another woman and instead of trying to make her feel more comfortable Kate makes snide remarks and seems to be trying to control the connection she has with Mia. There is definitely something there early on between Mia and Kate that speaks to a history and bond that Kate is pushing against with Jenna. Mia is trying to engage both women and does try to have open conversations with Jenna and is looking to understanding her more. This three way evening seems like it was designed by Kate for her own benefit, which is very noticeable as the evening progresses, and this sort of selfishness in her choices shows the cracks that are lurking under the surface of her relationship with Jenna.

Good Kisser is a beautiful examination of a relationship and how two people can be at two entirely different points. Jenna is still tremendously in love with Kate and wants to be with her, but her desire to been seen as cool and to live up to the image she has in her mind of Kate has pushed her to a point where she can’t be comfortable in her own skin. Beyond that she is feeling pushed outside of her comfort zone by this decision to add another woman into their relationship. Kate is using her power in the relationship to control Jenna’s choices and instead of supporting her she is pushing her to accept a woman she is attracted to and wants to be with. Beyond this, Kate’s body language changes whether she is with Jenna or Mia. She is more tense and aggressive with Jenna, her girlfriend, and with Mia she is relaxed and flirty. Unlike the couple, Mia seems more aware of what is going on between the two women in a relationship. Unlike Kate, Mia is very clear with Jenna that they don’t have to have sex, but that she is just happy being with them. Through Mia, Jenna is able to relax into herself and slowly begin to find a stronger sense of self that isn’t controlled by her relationship with Kate. Good Kisser is a well acted and complex film about not just relationships, but finding your inner confidence and pushing through to be your own individual person. You can find out more about Good Kisser on the movie’s official website.

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