The Potion @DirtRoadBooks Review from @kleffnotes

Dirt Road Books is a publisher that surprised me. I previously reviewed their book Bitter Root Queen and was struck by how much I really enjoyed this book. I am not often a romance fan, but I was blown away by the complexity of characters and the power of the story. I decided to mix it up and pick up a book that fit more with one of my more often preferred genres, fantasy. The Potion has a mad scientist like protagonist named Vera Kennedy who is fixated on creating an elixir that will give women the ability to live according to their desires, but when Georgette Harris arrives seeking help the two women find themselves drawn together into a mystery.

Both women are the widows of men of scientific means and it just so happens that their late husbands had previously worked together in some capacity. Georgette has come to Vera seeking help with understanding her husband’s research in the hopes that she can sell a portion of it to a medicinal company. Vera seems to be her best option as she had helped her own husband with his work, and unbeknownst to Georgette, is currently working on her own experiments. Her steely exterior is slowly broken down by the determined nature of Georgette, who refuses to let her brush her off, and she finds herself feeling less focused on her work and musing on this powerful force of a woman.

From the start of the book the feelings between Georgette and Vera are already simmering. After meeting both women can’t help, but pleasantly think of each other. As there is an element of romance to The Potion, it isn’t really a spoiler to say that Vera and Georgette kiss, but the first kiss will completely take you by surprise. The desire tinged with anger, neither woman is completely trusting or happy with the behavior of this new person in their lives, creates intense and dramatic moments that will have you anxiously awaiting the climax of their relationship. As the mystery deepens so to does the connection between Georgette and Vera and for readers all of this works together to create a story that will keep you captivated until the very last page. Fantasy readers and fans of Victorian Era, though this book is set in the United States, works will adore reading R. G. Emanuelle’s work. You can find The Potion and many more great books on the Dirt Road Books website.

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