The Girl on the Edge of Summer Book Review ( @boldstrokebooks )from @kleffnotes

Micky Knight is a New Orleans PI who agrees to not one, but two cases that she knows are going to be difficult cases. In The Girl on the Edge of Summer Knight will delve into the dark secrets of a teenage girl who committed suicide and a murder that took place over a century ago. While these two cases might not be officially related the evils of society echo back through the years and show just how far someone can go before they break.

When an upper middle class woman asks Micky to find out the name of the man who led her daughter to kill herself the PI initially almost refuses the case, but she just can’t shake the desire to find out and scare the man behind this. Tiffany, the young girl in question, had taken nude pictures and shared them with someone Micky quickly learns is named Fast Eddie. As the events escalates Micky suddenly finds herself part of a murder investigation and trying to find out as much as she can from Tiffany’s small pool of friends. She is also spending a lot of time delving into the archives at a local library to try and find out more about the death of a wealthy man for a client she can’t stand. The more she learns about the dead man, the more she finds to dislike, but she wants to find the truth. Mixed into all of this Micky is also trying to get back into the dating game, which provides a collection of very interesting interactions.

The Girl on the Edge of Summer is a read that will constantly have you guessing just who done it. Micky is a character that knows very firmly who she is and she has a strong desire to help people. Even when Tiffany’s case become stressful and difficult Micky pushes through and even continues working on her other case, which does provide some very fun discussions of the differences between lesbians and librarians. While the topics discussed in both of Micky’s cases are very heavy subjects, J.M. Redman is also able to include humor and levity. Her lead is able to handle everything going on around her, admittedly with the help of scotch and coffee, with intense strength. I also appreciated the inclusion of anti-TERF sentiments during Micky’s dating. When someone keeps saying they won’t date a trans woman, Micky calls them out as being a bigot. The book was such a great read and as someone who had never previously checked out the series I think you could start with this one. If you love mysteries this is something you need to add to your must read list. You can find The Girl on the Edge of Summer and other Micky Knight books on Bold Strokes Books. 

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