The Secret of Sleepy Hollow Book Review ( @YlvaPublishing @andimarquette ) from @kleffnotes

The Secret of Sleepy Hollow is an inventive retelling of Washington Irving’s well known legend with an additional romantic twist. I love the original story and this isn’t the first retelling I have chosen to read, but I will say this one is now my current favorite. When Abby Crane, a descendant of the same Crane family as the long ago missing Ichabod, is researching the history of Sleepy Hollow and in order to do that she needs to make a trip to the town. On her first night there she bumps into a young woman who catches her eye. When the two meet again over boxes of materials connected to the Van Tassels they decide to share time together sharing their love for the lore of Sleepy Hollow and as they chat they begin to realize secrets that have been long hidden in the letters of Katrina Van Tassel.

Abby and the mysterious woman she learns is named Katie realize that the connection they have is even deeper than an interest in Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel. The two are actually descendants of the two families. Abby is a Crane and Katie is named after her descendant Katrina, though she doesn’t have the Van Tassel name. Both of them are completely captivated by Katrina’s letters to a cousin, whom Katie believes is a lesbian or would be defined that way in modern society. This is the first investigative quest that connects the women and later when they learn Katrina had a deep bond with a mysterious woman named Elizabeth, who only appeared in her letters after Ichabod disappeared, they continue to theorize about how these women were connected. As their research and discussions continue Abby and Katie feel drawn to each other in a way that they can’t fully explain. Mysterious moments occur and the two find themselves immersed in the eerie lore and history of the sleepy town of Sleepy Hollow.

Andi Marquette has created a beautiful romance between two geeky women that not only is full of history, but seems to be destined by their connection to the past that they love in The Secret of Sleepy Hollow. The moments where Abby and Katie geek out together are so charming and well done that my own history loving heart swelled. Their relationship builds slowly over the course of the story, but it is so well drawn out and includes brief hints of the supernatural that you will be delighted to keep reading. I honestly couldn’t put this book down and read from start to finish with an eager desire to see more of Abby and Katie. If you love the original story of Sleepy Hollow or you are just looking for a fun and romantic, with some spooky hints, this is a book that is perfect for you. You can find The Secret of Sleepy Hollow on the Ylva Publishing site.

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