Captured Soul Book Review ( @boldstrokebooks )from @kleffnotes

The soul that exists in art is something that in the pages of Captured Soul is crucial to what is happening within the walls of Mallory Tucker’s gallery. She has booked showings of two very different artists, a bronze sculptor named Sheva and an abstract painter named Kadence Munroe. As it turns out these two women are connected in a variety of ways and through it all the art on display will be what causes the web that binds them to tighten and bring to light the lurking darkness behind Sheva’s work.

Kadence had her heart broken in college all because of Sheva. When the visiting artist appeared on the scene Kadence’s girlfriend, Carlyle, was immediately drawn to her and not only broke up with Kadence, but insulted her work. As time passed Kadence was able to channel this, as well as the pain of her young life, into beautiful abstracts. At a warehouse showing Mallory was struck by the beauty of Kadence’s work and contracted her to show at her gallery, where she already happened to be displaying Sheva’s work. While examining Sheva’s bronzes Kadence begins to wonder about her models and is struck by the similarity she sees to Carlyle. Compounding all of this are two different relationships, one between Sheva and Mallory and one that is growing between Kadence and Mallory. As the abstract artist and the gallery owner grow closer, Sheva has her own plans for her relationship with Mallory and what they could be.

Captured Soul is an eerie read that moves between Mallory, Kadence, and Sheva’s view points, which allows the reader to see everything happening in the story. Both Mallory and Kadence feel drawn to each other, but neither wants to take their relationship too far while they are working together. After a blow up with Sheva early on, Mallory is especially leery of allowing herself to be romantic with another artist and Kadence is finally finding her place in the art world and doesn’t want to damage that. The love between them radiates throughout the story, even when the two are struggling. While there is love, the terror presented through Sheva will keep you on edge throughout the book. Her disregard for anyone, but herself is frightening and the lengths she is willing to go to for her own desires speaks to something truly evil. If you enjoy Killing Eve or Hannibal this is the perfect read for you. You can find Captured Soul and other thrilling reads on Bold Strokes Books.

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