Beyond The Rainbow Book Review ( @PublishPurpose )from @kleffnotes

Beyond the Rainbow: Personal Stories and Practical Strategies to Help your Business & Workplace Connect with the LGBTQ Market is a book with a hefty title, but a strong message. Jenn T. Grace wants to help companies understand and become strong fits for the LGBTQ community. By working to reach the entire umbrella and focusing on how powerful they can be, you can grow your own business and become someone that the community will want to interact with.

Grace begins the book by discussing how in her first job she covered for the first time in her life. She allowed coworkers to assume she had a boyfriend, when she actually had a girlfriend with a gender neutral name. While she was eventually able to come out and the situation went well, she does not that it is important to remember that not everyone is safe to come out in their work environment and that due to the legal ability to fire someone based on their sexuality in certain states that someone may not be comfortable or feel safe coming out. Members of the LGBTQ community will keep an eye out and make note of any topics that relate back to them in a workplace. The idea is that in a work environment if people do not feel safe they will be constantly on edge. Grace even mentioned how much energy went into covering herself even though she loved her job. It is important to pay attention to conversations and how you speak because language is powerful and can lead to an unsafe environment.

Beyond The Rainbow also breaks down Grace’s work marketing to the LGBTQ community and explains ways that you can do the same. She believes that what she learned can work for a variety of businesses and she also examines how the people reading her book can find their purpose for doing what they do. There are also discussions of being part of the conversation and making sure you are in the know concerning topics that impact the LGBTQ community. Overall Grace is arguing that you must remain informed and used that information to create a company that is more open and understanding of this specific community. Overall Beyond The Rainbow is very easy to follow and can provide insight for those who want to connect with the LGBTQ community in terms of business. I also believe that many of her tips can be used to become a better ally, whether you are in the community and are looking for ways to build up others or if you are outside of the community and are looking to find a way to better be a global citizen. The major note I want to add is that using these tips mean nothing unless you are sincere in your work and are actively trying to benefit the LGBTQ community and create safe and inclusive spaces. You can order your copy of Beyond The Rainbow today.

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