Awaken Love Book Review ( @PublishPurpose ) from @kleffnotes

Awaken Love is a book that offers insight into a loving and connected relationship. The authors completely share themselves with the readers, detailing the highs and lows, the good and the bad, of being together. What this book does is provide insight, but on a much deeper level that relates back to real life experiences that impacted an actual relationship.

Anna Huff and Teresa Castillo begin the book by sharing how they came to be in each other’s lives. Both of them found their way to California for school, but came to this location through a variety of different ways. I want to point out that at no point in the beginning of the book do the authors identify themselves and as they move between points of view you will need to pay attention. Admittedly I found myself referring to the people in the book as person one and person two and did not maintain a fully fleshed out connection between which writer was with. I felt more comfortable moving with the story of their relationship this way. Person One left the comfort of her home and pushed herself to go somewhere that held no family or friends. In her isolation she allowed herself to accept a date with Huff and the two began their relationship then. Person Two had been married, but before leaving for California divorced the man she had originally thought she would have children and grow old with. She allowed herself to explore her sexuality and spirituality and found herself moving away from a path that seemed preordained.  The two were both going through the strains of a psychology graduate program and also coming to terms with feelings and emotions they had never felt before. As they examine their relationship they speak in first person and each give their own point of view of various situations.

Both women are exploring their identities, the first person has always been comfortable moving fluidly along sexual lines and the second person has opened up to exploring their own identity. With newfound love growing in the pressure of a graduate program they must discuss what they want to do and how they want to more forward. Both women had to cope with their own triggers and find ways to work through them. Not only did they love each other, but they fought because of the elements of uncertainty surrounding them. As people comfortable with therapy they sought out help from professionals and working to confront the issues that kept appearing. Awaken Love shows that work is involved in a relationship. The authors of this book are married therapists and by sharing their whole lives together they show just how much they put into maintaining their love. They did not have an easy road, but they are still together and they worked to achieve that as a couple. This open discussion about love and the work it takes it not always discussed, but it is something that all people in relationships need to understand and be open to in order to keep love and connections alive. You can get your copy of Awaken Love today.

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