Dark Blossom Book Review from @kleffnotes

When Sam returns from a business trip right before his son’s thirteenth birthday he finds his entire world turned upside down. A terrible accident has left him completely alone and seeking help from a therapist, Cynthia. While he is struggling, it turns out that the woman offering him her help is also struggling to cope with her own demons. Dark Blossom is a story of two people who are trying to find their way through darkness that is now woven into their lives.

Cynthia has not physically lost someone, but the love she had in her marriage is no longer there. Her divorce from her husband has left her and her daughter Lily working to move past this major change in their life. Beyond that there are other issues causing stress involving a close friend who is struggling with an abusive partner. Cynthia wants to help, but finds her words of advice being completely ignored. Dark Blossom is told through the point of view of Cynthia and through this we are able to see her responses to Sam’s behavior and how he is coping. She feels him pulling away and even has to deal with him taking a break from meeting with her. As a narrator she is a great way for the readers to engage with the story.

The relationship between Cynthia and her daughter is exceptionally strained and not only is this because of the divorce, it is because of what motivated the divorce. Cynthia is trying to help her daughter cope with the trauma she experienced at the hands of her father and she can’t seem to find a way to reach her. As a therapist she feels herself failing to help her daughter find closure and peace. She also knows that she needs to share her own past with her former husband with Lily, but even then she finds herself struggling to begin this important conversation. While she is struggling with maintaining a relationship with her daughter, she is also trying to help Sam cope with the loss of his son. He can’t stop thinking about what he lost and the grief threatens to overwhelm him.

Together the two of them begin to bond and their relationship grows slightly outside of the typical professional relationship they were adhering to. Together they can begin to rebuild their lives and grow together. Dark Blossom is an emotional story that is examining loss and grief as well as topics of abuse. These are not easy topics to digest, but they are important to examine. Through Cynthia and Sam, readers are able to confront some of the darkness in the world and see ways to move beyond it. You can get your copy of Dark Blossom today.

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