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It’s Father’s Day. And the question is, how do I spend it with my dad…who is a vampire.

Writer’s note: This article is from the author’s perspective and has no affiliation with the creators of Angel and the characters of Angel and Connor.

My name is Connor. And my father’s name is Angel.  He’s a Champion. But more importantly, a vampire champion. What the heck is that you ask? Well, that’s when a vampire is cursed by gypsies who restore his soul so he will feel remorse for every person he killed while he was a soulless monster and he decides to save people by fighting for the forces of good.  If you think that’s weird, my whole life is one big tragic book of weird.

I am the son of two vampires, an impossibility considering vampires are dead things. But here I am. My mother Darla staked herself so I could be born because vampires can’t give birth. My “uncle” Wesley kidnapped me in order to protect me because he read a false prophecy saying my vampire dad Angel would kill me. But I get taken away from Wesley by Justine and Daniel Holtz, a man with a centuries old vendetta against Angel. Holtz becomes my new dad, renames me Steven and jumps into a Hell dimension called Quortoth with baby me to stop a demon named Sahijan and the evil law firm Wolfram and Hart from killing me. But later, The Destroyer (me) appears in the lobby of the Hyperion Hotel. But I’m now a teenager, because time passes differently in Quortoth.

Angel and I have a rough start…I immediately try to kill him once I pop out from Quortoth. In my defense, Holtz told me all about how Angel was a blood drinking demon who killed his (Holtz) family. So, the monster deserved to pay.

We had a rocky relationship. And I continued to lie and betray my dad.  But I want to be a better son. So, I’m trying to give him a special Father’s Day.

Here’s how I plan to spend Father’s Day with Angel:

  • A nice family dinner celebrating dad

This time a real good meal, not a hallucination

  • A father son outing doing dad’s favorite thing: Staking vampires trying to kill innocents

Nothing like bonding with dad by kicking some vampire ass! Plus, we make a good team.

  • Karaoke

I’ll even let him pick the songs (Probably lots of Barry Manilow tunes. He LOVES “Mandy” and is always singing it in the hotel)

  • Going to the movies

I enjoyed the drive-in the last time. And that action movie was cool. Too bad stupid Linwood from Wolfram & Hart interrupted our outing.

I really hope Angel likes what I have planned for him for Father’s Day and it’s the start of a close father son relationship for the two of us.

Happy Father’s Day everyone…have fun with your dads!

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