A Better World Starts Here Book Review from @kleffnotes

Stacy Russo is a community college librarian and professor at Santa Ana College who sees the importance of accessibility to gaining knowledge every day. In the introduction to A Better World Starts Here: Activists and Their Work she highlights the fact that while there are academic writings about activism and social justice, that this style of writing is often difficult for readers to access or connect with. Through her writing she hopes to be able to provide a source that will make accessing information about social justice easier. Another important element is the use of storytelling, which allows readers to gain insight into various social justice warriors and their work.

A Better World Starts Here focuses on a diverse collection of activists who come from a variety of backgrounds and who each work in varying fields of activism and social justice. Russo has crafted a book that not only shares the work others are doing, but hopes to help readers see the impact they can have in the world. Her desire is to either show those who are already doing service work that no matter what difficulties they may face that positive change can be made or to help those considering adding service to their lives all of the opportunities that are there. A Better World Starts Here primarily focuses on interviews with activists that delve into the work that they do. There are also reflection elements and discussion questions to help readers process everything that they’ve just taken in.

There are so many different types of activism that I had never heard of and I applaud Russo for finding a way to share so much information so easily. There are discussions of gentrification activism, which I personally do not come in contact with very often, and I was interested to hear more about the work being done in that field. There was also a very specific type of activism that I had never even heard mentioned, senior dog activism. The fact that there are such layered elements to activism and that no matter your interests you can find a way to give back and actively work toward improving some element of society. There are body activists, trans activists, library activists and so much more. A Better World Starts Here shows how much good is being done in the world and how you can help by either becoming involved with existing movements or starting your own. You can get your copy of A Better World Starts Here: Activists and Their Work today.

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