Echoes of War Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dani has always thought she was a normal human living on an Earth under the rule of a genocidal faction of an alien race called Echoes who go by the title Wardens. She has managed to survive by scrounging for supplies and avoiding any military and the human-hunting Wardens. She is shocked to learn that she is not human, but rather an Echo she suddenly risks her own well-being for the sake of a young boy. Dani must examine her past and in doing this she realizes that she must fight to stop the Wardens from destroying the humans and the Echoes of Earth. Echoes of War begins the sci-fi trilogy focused on an Earth where Wardens have reigned.

After learning that she has died and been reborn more than once, Dani has to cope with the knowledge that she is indeed an Echo with a near immortal lifespan. Through minor manipulation she had never realized how long she had lived and now she realizes that she will have to find a way to combine the forces of both the Commonwealth and the civilians in order to fight back. This apocalyptic style story shows a destroyed world where anyone the Wardens want to eliminate and re-educate are in danger. Dani has been hiding and sneaking through the rubble of Earth to try and survive. When a chance encounter leads her to die, Dani returns with no memories of her life. As her brother explains everything to her he reveals that she is unlike other Echoes who always remember their previous lives, like an echo. When her plan to unite over 80 percent of the population against the Wardens is accepted she thinks that they are set for their overthrow of the deadly forces that control them, she doesn’t realize there are people she trusts acting against her. The fight will be anything, but easy going forward.

Echoes of War spans not just one year, but over 15 in the course of Dani’s fight to bring down the Wardens. As the events in the story ramp up the forces working against the Warden find themselves attacked and struggling to continue. They might technically outnumber them, but they still have a long way to go in order to be an effective and prepared force. As the battle rages Dani also realizes that elements of her past lives are slipping back into her memory. This sci-fi story is full of surprises, not only with Dani, but with the other main characters who also find themselves having to alter their preconceived notions of each other and the plans they are making. The story within Echoes of War sets up an extended plan to retake Earth from the Wardens and shows a strong female character coping with a tremendous amount of new information. Dani fights no matter what is happening around her and once she knows her true identity she is ready to use it to her advantage. If you are a sci-fi fan this is a great read for you.

You can read Echoes of War: Book One in the Echoes Trilogy on September 10th, but you can pre-order it today!

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