Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key Book Review from @kleffnotes

Alex Hiam grew up spending holidays in the mysterious Boston mansion of his great-grandmother. With a later life interest in magic blended with these childhood experiences he found a way to return to Boston with the fictional work of Silent Lee. With a world of magic hidden in plain sight he is able to share the delightful memories with readers through the young Silent Lee who must sneak away through a door into a different century to attend school in the pages of Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key.

This story begins with a disclaimer about magic, which Hiam notes weaves together natural energies and creates complex tapestries. At The Girl’s Academy of Latin and Alchemy Silent and her fellow students spend years studying and preparing themselves to do complex magics. In this story Silent will have to use all of her skills and talents to make it through everything that is to come. After the unexpected death of her Aunt Generous who raised her, Silence or Sie, finds herself trying to fight against her mother’s wishes in order to continue her schooling and the path her aunt had set for her. When Sie meets Raahi she has someone to share her magical knowledge with and finally has someone to connect with in her grief. When a mysterious message comes Sie suddenly thinks that her aunt could be alive and makes it her mission to find out more.

Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key is a quick and fun read that plenty of young adult and even advanced younger readers will enjoy. Sie is a curious character due to her less than normal upbringing with her aunt. As she builds her friendship with Raahi the two delve further into the mystery of her possibly missing Aunt Gen. You will be kept guessing as everything unfolds and beyond that you will be able to learn more about Silent’s mysterious magical world. You can get your copy of Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key today.

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