The Saturday Night Ghost Club Book Review from @kleffnotes

Jake Baker has previously spent most of his time with his Uncle Calvin, an eccentric occult and conspiracy theory enthusiast, but after turning twelve he befriends two siblings who are new to town. In their first summer together, Jake and his new friends are initiated into his uncle’s “Saturday Night Ghost Club.” What begins as a fun way to spend a summer investigating local ghost stories and urban legends slowly begins to take a darker turn as mysteries are uncovered. The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson is a coming of age story perfect for fans of cult classic films like The Goonies and The Lost Boys as well as more recent 1980’s inspired works like Stranger Things.

On the last day of school Jake is saved from a firework throwing bully by a mysterious girl with impressive rock throwing skills. After saving him she quickly leaves, but this isn’t the last time he will be around this interesting new person in town. While spending time in his uncle’s occult shop Jake meets a boy who says that his grandmother recently died and he wants to contact her. With the help of a mysterious case Uncle Calvin and the two boys seem to make contact. This is just the first ghostly happening of the summer for the slowly forming Ghost Club. Uncle Calvin, his friend Lex, Jake, and his new friend Billy Yellowbird go on their own ghost hunting adventures and Dove, the mysterious older girl with a wicked throwing arm, is eventually convinced to join them. The nights are full of eerie stories and wild imaginings brought about by Uncle Calvin’s storytelling.

Davidson weaves a story of growing up through the narration of an older Jake. Told from his adulthood the story of his twelfth summer takes on new hints of wisdom and maturity. Woven through his retelling are elements of his adult life, including the work he does as a brain surgeon and the birth of his son. Each person in his life is given a bit of backstory that makes them integral to his life. Through his father he discusses maturity and becoming a new person, his mother shows a calming presence and an understanding personality, and Uncle Calvin is a friend that as he grows older Jake realizes was struggling with his own issues. This coming of age narrative brings together the eerie elements of the horror genre with the positive glow of a coming of age story. You can get your copy of The Saturday Night Ghost Story today.

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