A Killing Fire Book Review from @kleffnotes

Raven Burns was forced to witness the numerous crimes of her father, the first of which was the murder of her mother at his hands. Floyd “Fire” Burns’ terrible deeds are what pushed his daughter to become a homicide detective. In trying to prove she is nothing like him she still has never been able to escape his voice in her head. After an accidental shooting on the job she must confront her past and the blemishes on her soul in order to stop a killer in A Killing Fire.

Byrd’s Landing in Louisiana is a town where murder isn’t uncommon, but when Raven is called out to a scene that appears out of the ordinary she finds herself in an investigation that keeps bringing her back to moments in her life that she had hoped she had worked through. The first death is of a woman who was part of the media circus that erupted after Raven’s accidental on the job shooting. Elements of the murder lead her to think that it is somehow connected to her father, which brings everything together in a way that forces Raven to confront a number of past issues all at the same time. As the body count continues to rise and the deaths grow closer to Raven’s personal life she has to try and keep a level head as she delves deeper into the investigation.

A Killing Fire is a complex psychological read. With Raven trying to piece together how everything is connected she is forced to confront elements of her past that she has been avoiding. With her father as the catalyst for why she chose to become an officer of the law, the fact that this case keeps bringing him back into her mind leads her to fixate on him and how he might be connected to the current murders. With secrets coming to light Raven begins to question everyone around her, which isn’t helped by the growing presence of Floyd in her mind. This story will keep you guessing until the very end and as Raven learns a case is being built against her she realizes that she must move quickly. This mystery will keep you guessing and as Raven delves deeper you’ll begin to even wonder at her motives. Faye Snowden has created a pulse pounding and intense story that looks at both family relationships and how our lives are influenced by our pasts. You can pre-order A Killing Fire from Flame Tree Press today.

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