Heart, Sass and Soul Book Review from @kleffnotes

Writing can be an exceptionally beneficial practice for your heart and soul, which Greta Solomon emphasizes in her book Heart, Sass and Soul. This journal style book is designed to help you determine who you really are through freewriting and reflection. When there are moments of great unknown in our lives we may find ourselves struggling to understand them and process everything happening around us. Through Heart, Sass and Soul provides a way to work through these moments by writing. If you are searching for a way to better understand yourself this is the book for you.

Solomon begins her work by discussing how we perceive ourselves and how information from others, like criticism and even just general comments, can lead us to question ourselves and doubt exactly who we are. By working through where these comments came from we can move past wondering about ourselves and come to understand who we truly are. Her main goal is to help guide you to your most ideal self, you will be able to grow through the pages enclosed and come to be the best representation of yourself. She also does mention ways to go deeper following this journaling, but that is something you can become more familiar with following your own work with Heart, Sass and Soul.

As the book unfolds Solomon examines ways to work through your own blocks and how your communication and writing style may present. She discusses a variety of personalities that might emerge in connection to writing, I personally think I fall between a Perfectionist Petra and a Fretful Fiona when I write. I enjoyed her section devoted to writing on the go in her first chapter and plan to use some of these ideas going forward with some of my writing projects. I also found her object writing discussion very interesting and could see a daily practice of writing about something to be beneficial for someone working to stretch their creative skills. Solomon also provides a section devoted to loss and grief, which is not often a topic I’ve found discussed in writing guides. Some of the advice in this book can also just be applied to living a more open life, this includes asking others for help and not allowing yourself to stay stagnated by a dark period. The book then ends with prompts that can be used again and again, which allows the reader to put their newly learned skills to use. Heart, Sass and Soul is a book that will give you insight into not only yourself, but also how to become a more open person. If you are looking for a way to grow emotionally and creatively you can get your copy today.

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