Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life Book Review from @kleffnotes

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but how do you use these strengths and defeat these weaknesses in order to stay our of your own way as you make your way through life? The in your face, no nonsense book by Justin Loeber, Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life: 10 Steps to Shift Gears, Dream Big, Do It Now, is a quirky read that is pitch perfect because of the personal experiences shared by Loeber that stretch back to his time in the 70s Disco Era. He has been a waiter, a Wang Word Processing operator, a substitute go-go dancer and almost made it big as a solo pop star. He then created a boutique digital and public realtions agency in 2006, all of which helped him to create this book.

Loeber breaks his book down into 10 specific steps that will help you to achieve the life you want. These steps include making  a good first impression, owning the power of thoughtfulness, and working on your work ethic. These are just some examples of the full plan for how to reboot and take over your own life. You need to be responsible to yourself in order to gain your best life. This book was inspired by the people Loeber was seeing in his own office. No one seemed to truly have their lives figured out or know what they wanted. How can you be your best self without ever knowing what you want. Our actions should speak louder than our words and we should take our time to understand ourselves, which is the core message behind this journey to make yourself a better person.

The introduction to this work is longer than a traditional introduction in my opinion. Instead of just briefly setting up Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life, Loeber shares major moments in his life, which included a number of changes that he chose to make. Through these changes he found elements that he felt could benefit others and through them his 10 steps organically emerge. He not only uses his own experiences, but the experiences of others to show how certain things can either hinder or help you. In his section about first impressions he uses a woman named Mary who was a strong worker, but had a certain medical issue that was causing her to be undervalued. Once she knew about the issue, she found a way to work through it and get the help she needed to let her work truly succeed. He also goes on to note that not everyone is perfect, but that we should always find perfection in our imperfections. This book is a fun read that helps you to see how you can get what you want in life through humorous writing. You can get your copy of this great self-help guide today.

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