Happy, Healthy You Book Review from @kleffnotes

Happy, Healthy You is a multidisciplinary work designed to help you reclaim ultimate wellness in a world that can wear you down. People seem to be more stressed and spread thinner nowadays and this leads them to be worn down and to feel as though they can’t keep up with what they need to do every day. Life coach KJ Landis pushes you to examine patterns, habits, and elements of your life that are keeping you from growing and achieving a true level of wellness. What you can find in these pages are ways to be a better you and to truly gain a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

In order to cope with your life there are often elements of yourself that have to be buried or let go, but in doing these we are keeping ourselves from living a truly full life. There are a variety of therapies and practices shared throughout this book that will help you to examine yourself and see what it is that is truly holding you back and keeping you from being your true self. Landis wants you to thrive and not just survive in your stressful daily life. She tackles these blocks to wellness and shows way to push them out of your way and help you to live your best life. She looks at a variety of different elements that might come up in your life including loss, workplace issues, and even how to heal through humor.

Landis hopes that this book will help you to grow as a person and to see how much you truly matter. As you move through this book, much like other books I have discussed, you can read straight through or choose the sections that most resonate with you. There are elements focused on getting you out of your rut and making your way to a more fulfilled life. Landis also provides examples of people who have worked through similar issues that you can relate to and see your own way out. This book is something that you can move through at your own pace and that will show you how much you can gain through these words and examples. If you are looking to gain something for your every day that you can use no matter what, this a book for you. Happy, Healthy You is on sale now.

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