Queer Cosmos Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cosmic Queers get ready for the read of your life! Now I have seen this subset of the queer community popping up on my Twitter feed and while I am not an expert I believe the Astrology gays, who I really wish were called Astrologays, will get a kick out of this book. Colin Bedell, astrologer for the Cosmopolitan and QueerCosmos.com, has created a book with no heteronomative language focused on providing insight into the stars for the queer community. Queer Cosmos isn’t out yet, but you can find out my thoughts on this interstellar sensation before the release in November.

Bringing together 15 years of research, client interviews, and a mastery of the field of astrology Bedell has created a spiritual guide not only for resistance, but resilience. He also provides personal insights and relationship compatibility information. Queer Cosmos is designed to explore astrology as an antidote to feelings of hopelessness, shame, worthiness, and other negative elements of life, while also providing language for authentic practices of self-expression. The book itself begins by discussing Queer Theory and then delves into each of the signs. After a general examination of the signs, it then examines them in terms of their lives in love. Bedell then closes everything out with interviews. You can either just focus on your own star sign or you can delve into the book as a whole to get a complete insight into the world of queer astrology.

Bedell’s work shows a tremendous understanding of the topic of astrology, which even the novice can enjoy. Queer Cosmos is full of discussions and examinations of the characters of each star sign and also of how these signs relate to each other. Whether you are into astrology or not, this is definitely a fun read that will give you some insight into your life and possibly your partners. You will also gain a better understanding of how the signs of the zodiac can be further expanded on through the various houses and the planetary connections they exhibit. The interviews he includes also provide an element of diversity to the book and show the variety of people who enjoy astrology and feel connected to their zodiac identities. If you are looking for a fun and informative read Queer Cosmos is definitely for you. You can pre-order your copy today.

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