The Kamah Sutrah Book Review from @kleffnotes

This book is a hoot and wicked funny. The Kamah Sutrah: A Bawstonian’s Guide to Wicked Good Sex by Cian Smith is a book that while designed to discuss the topic of sex also leans into the humor with the use of an exaggerated Boston dialect throughout the book. Even just the description for this book had me laughing and if you are looking for a fun read you have definitely found the one.

Smith does begin with a disclaimer noting that no matter what you are doing in the bedroom you should practice safety. There are some elements in here that are a bit complex or difficult to do, but no matter what you choose to try safety is key. The book is divided into a number of parts the first is just the subject of sex. It then moves on to sex in practice which includes discussions of foreplay, what to do with your junk, and what to do after sex. The next three chapters then lead into how to find a partner, various types of sexual relationships, and then love and sex in your future. Each of these sections, while humorous, still covers topics in great detail and promotes safe and healthy sexual practices. There are elements of consent discussed as well as how to balance your life and having sexual partners. Smith also does not shame anyone for their sexual choices and discusses one night stands, polyamory, and other types of sexual relationships that readers might be considering.

I will say the only thing I wish I could do while reading this book is actually read it out loud. My Boston accent attempts were all atrocious, but it did make for a fun read seeing the use of a very specific dialect used throughout. Now this may pose a problem to some readers, but technically every word does make sense phonetically so you may need to sound some of the words out as you read as opposed to relying on standard spelling. Overall Smith presents a book that covers a number of topics that could benefit anyone with questions about sex and relationships. This would also be a very fun gift to give your partner, even if just so they can enjoy a good laugh. You can get your copy of Kamah Sutrah today!

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