Armageddon Book Review from @kleffnotes

Armageddon is the final installment in the Urban Fairytales series and brings all of our favorite characters back together for the final battle against the Elders. They must try and stop the resetting of the mortal world and in order to do that they will need to rely on the powerful Maireni Damaschin, the Red Hood who started our journey into this mysterious world of retold fairytales. Will the Avatars succeed in their quest or will the god-like entities they fight bring about their destruction?

The Avatars have been split up and even when they are briefly brought together they find themselves fighting a multi-front affair that they feel as though they are losing. With enemies that can control the world with merely a thought the Red Hood of old, her mantle may have moved to a different woman, but Maireni bore that name when our journey began, will have to outmaneuver and outwit their enemies in order to save them all. Erik Schubach has pulled out all the stops in this pulse pounding and intense finale to his fantastical series. I have been a captivated fan of the worlds he has created and the powerful women he has imagined. This final journey with them will keep you completely enthralled as you watch the fate of the world resting in the hands of the fairytale characters you’ve grown to love.

Schubach is able to balance multiple voices and narrators as he moves through his final story involving the fairytale women. As they fight throughout the world to stop the Elders, each of them begins suffering tremendous loses and the sorrow and rage that then emerges as the story evolves is remarkably well handled. He highlights the strength of these women as they put aside their own feelings in order to try and save the world around them. There is also a tremendous amount of faith within this book, as even though loses occur the women look to the afterlife and the reunions that they will one day have with those they have lost in this life. I also adored the tease of possible future adventures involving a character I love from British literature. Schubach has done a wonderful job with this series and you should definitely delve into it, if you haven’t yet. You can find Armageddon on Amazon, as well as the other books in the series.

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