Fate: No Strings Attached Book Review from @kleffnotes

Fate: No Strings Attached is set in Erik Schubach’s New Sentinels universe and focuses on a mysterious woman who is found unconscious in an impact crater in the Cascade Mountains. With no idea who she is or how she has found herself in this situation, Sloan Tesha tries to begin a new life and try to piece together who she really is. Just having amnesia isn’t what sets her apart though, no Sloan has some very odd tattoos that connect her to something far greater than herself.

Sloan is not alone in her journey to understand herself, with Officer Andreya Lisbon she will learn that she is part of a fabled force in the world, The Fates. As part of the three she is the Maiden and her tattoos beneath her skin are actually threads of life that morph and move to reflect the world around her. With dark forces on her trail with the goal of destroying her before she can learn how to control her powers, Sloan must work against time to save herself and truly understand who she is. One element of this character’s backstory that I find delightful is that her name is not actually her name. While yes, she is referred to as Sloan throughout the book, we learn that this is actually just a more creative way of calling her Jane Doe. The hints we get to her identity as a Fate comes early on with her having skills with thread and scissors, something the Fates are well known for using in their control of lives in various incarnations.

Even if she doesn’t know much about herself the attraction she has to Andreya Lisbon is immediate and adorable. She isn’t sure how to act on her feelings, a downside of having amnesia, but her blush and desire to get coffee with her shows that she feels something for her. Andreya is also someone who notices the oddness of Sloan’s tattoos and instead of being weirded out by them she instead wants to understand them. As the mystery of Sloan’s real identity evolves we see her connections to the real world as well as to the supernatural. Schubach is able to present surprise reveals about characters in this story in such an easy way that you will be shocked, but you will also immediately accept it. This even includes characters being in fluctuating gender presentations, which is a great choice for beings that take on forms throughout eternity. You can get your copy of Fate: No Strings Attached today.

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