Own It All Book Review from @kleffnotes

Own It All is the perfect how to guide for women looking to ditch procrastination and self-doubt in order to achieve their goals. Andrea Isabelle Lucas went from being a single teenage mother recovering from domestic violence and poverty to being a the creator of a multi-million dollar national barre and yoga chain. She uses her own experiences to help others find their path to living in true self-confidence and claiming their goals to make great things happen.

With a focus on making a mental shift from one day to truly living your truth you can become a boss in your own life. You can change your future and own your potential, which will bring about the positive gains and life changes that you wish to see. Lucas made her own mindset shift and saw the powerful snowball effect that this allowed in her life. Founding Barre & Soul was part of that shift and allowed her to become the powerhouse she is today. She wants to share what she achieved with others and she also wants to help other live healthy, strong, and confident lives.

By taking ownership of your life you can bring yourself to a better place. You can avoid the situations that drain you and stop you from doing things that draw away form your life. Lucas is very dedicated to ensuring that you find your path to success in whatever way you imagine it. Making your goal real is vital and by doing this you make it real. Beyond sharing tips from Lucas there are also elements for you to engage with and examine your thoughts and feelings. Lucas has provided a strong work that will allow you to examine yourself and what you truly want. You can get your copy of Own It All today.

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