Shamus Dust Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in 1947 war-scarred London, Shamus Dust is a Pandora’s Box of dangerous moments unleashed. A man is shot in the head in the quiet darkness on a snowy night and a nurse, who has entered a church in order to light the candles in a Christmas crib nearby insists she heard nothing. A spooked councilor calls in a shamus to try and uncover what happened when the body is found on Christmas Day.

The dead man the shamus uncovers is a tenant of the councilor who called him and has been making his money photographing beautiful young men. This is the 1940s and this sort of work is not acceptable in society. Newman doesn’t believe that the tenant and the man who called him have never met, but he is forced to continue his investigation whether his client is lying or not. The case continues to escalate with another death happening, this time around our shamus whose investigating. Newman, the investigator in this story, finds himself dealing with interesting characters and also finding himself drawn to a woman who might just be involved.

This story will definitely keep you guessing and as you see Newman working through a variety of leads you will find yourself trying to guess what happened. If you enjoy historical fiction and strong detective characters this is a book you will really connect with. Newman is contending with a variety of different leads and forces trying to keep him from discovering what happened to the dead man. As a lead he falls within the hardboiled variety and is the sort of detective many will enjoy as he moves easily through a minefield of dangerous events and curious characters. You can get your copy of Shamus Dust today.

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