The Forgetting Flower Book Review from @kleffnotes

Certified horticulturist and plant expert Karen Hugg has debuted her first book in the Botanique Noire trilogy, The Forgetting Flower, which brings her passions together. This twisty Paris set mystery introduces readers to Renia Baranczka, who seems to be living a wonderful life in the city of lights. Managing a plant shop with a powerful rare plant hidden away from customers things will take a turn when something she never expected happens.

Renia must protect a rare plant that has the power to erase someone’s memory after she promised her estranged sister she would keep it safe. When her favorite client suddenly dies she realizes that this plant is far more dangerous than she thought and without this powerful customer her shop is in peril. A shady figure from her past makes her an offer she can’t refuse, sell the memory altering flowers for cash. Renia becomes involved in the black market and will wind up having to safe the flower, her sister, and even herself as dangerous events continue to escalate.

The powers that this plant possess are presented early on and they are truly terrifying. A person can have a number of memories completely altered all with just one sniff of this flower. Renia uses it in some situations when customers insist that they need the aid of this fantastical plant. The people she must deal with once she finds herself pressured into selling the for cash are terrifying, with her person being threatened in a variety of ways. Hugg does a strong job of keeping elements of the story secret and providing surprises as Renia contends with everything going on around her. This is a solid start to a trilogy that promises to be interesting for mystery lovers. You can get your copy of The Forgetting Flower today.

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