The Bi Line: Holiday Help Desk from @kleffnotes

If you have ever had to work on the holidays you might remember feeling bored or even wishing that you could be anywhere than where you are in the moment. Holiday Help Desk focuses on two women who are both stuck working on Christmas Eve, but in this short film they will find that maybe being stuck at the office isn’t so bad after all. Written by Hillary Esquina, who you might remember from our Passage coverage, this is a fun short that will fill you with holiday cheer.

Lauren, Shannan Leigh Reeve, is stuck working her IT job on Christmas Eve and while she has brought some cheer to the dark room with decorations and present wrapping, she is still just sort of killing time until she finally gets to head to her parents for Christmas Day. When she receives a call from another woman who happens to be at the office and needs her help the evening starts to change. The two hit it off and wind up taking the time to learn more about each other. Rachel Lin, as Christina, decides to take the leap and the two ultimately meet up for a little eggnog.

Their chemistry is powerful on screen and even though this is a short film, under 20 minutes, this is a beautifully done love story. Christina and Lauren get to grow their relationship through games of questions and their mutual love of the holiday. We even get a time jump to show that they have stayed together. Esquina has written a story that is well developed and rivals the numerous Christmas movies I’ve seen that involve romances. Chelese Belmont has done a great job directing the story as well and if you are looking for a movie that screams holiday romance you need to check out Holiday Help Desk, which you can find on Amazon.

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