The Bi Line: Ringing In the New Year with @BIFLseries from @kleffnotes

Happy New Year’s Eve lovely readers! I am writing this article on my cell phone in Dulles International Airport. Krista and I went to Ohio for Christmas and found our connecting flight home cancelled. Our new flight is slated to go out tonight, but we did wind up unexpectedly spending the night in the DC area. With our schedules we have both been too busy to really watch anything, but we found ourselves with a rare night in with no work the next day and finally binged BIFL on YouTube. I have watched parts of the series before and even reported on it way back when it was just a script, but this binge reignited my love of these fantastic characters.

While I have some articles about BIFL on the website, including an interview from earlier this year, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the series now that we have hit the first part of the season finale. One of these is how are we already on the finale?! But moving beyond my shock that we have entered finale time far earlier than I expected is the fact that this show highlight two characters who identify as aromantic and asexual. Oliver, affectionately known as Ollie, is an aromantic bi, while Sarah is an asexual lesbian. They also identify as non-binary, and if you find yourself wondering how being non-binary as well as a lesbian works you need to check out a recent Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole episode where Mandahla Rose explained the use of language and identity beautifully in regards to Sarah. Ollie and Sarah have such an open and loving friendship and even when the very straight, and sometimes very dumb, Matt tries to say they should date they try to be patient. My hopes for the series are that we eventually get to see the mysterious long distance girlfriend Sarah periodically mentions.

Outside of this unit we have Jill and Chloe, who have a very confusing relationship, at least for Jill. The two are best friends, but Jill is bisexual and can’t tell if Chloe is flirting with her. As the episodes progress this becomes harder to determine and even when out think you have it figured out twists just keep happening. I feel for Jill and wish she was able to get the answer she wants. I have high hopes for her and the curious Taylor. As the new roommate she is trying to navigate being in a house with Chill, Chloe and Jill, and Sarah and also manage her own anxiety, which she hasn’t discussed with them. As she tries to adjust to life after a recent break up she is also handling unsolicited advice from her sister and the sister’s partner, a pediatrician who thinks he has the answers to her anxiety. With the finale set on New Year’s Eve this is the perfect show to binge before the ball drops. The acting, writing, and directing are superb. You can find BIFL on YouTube and you can keep up with the series on Twitter and Instagram.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog,, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel.

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