Nightsticks & Negligees Book Review from @kleffnotes

Lexi is a homicide detective who has been assigned to a mysterious double homicide. With this new case she must also report to her seemingly ice cold superior Katia. This relationship might seemed strained, but as things evolve what seemed distant and chilly begins to hear up for these two women.

Lexi has never been with a woman before and this relationship catches her by surprise. She is mesmerized by this new connection and by the fact that she has fallen for someone who once felt so distant. The two face the issue of balancing this new romance with the trials of such an emotionally intensive job. They move from brutal murder to brutal murder with the added pressure of being responsible for bringing the perpetrators to justice. Coming from two very different lives they don’t know if they will fully be able to keep their relationship solid. They will have to create a new haven haven for themselves away from the pressures of the world around them.

Lucinda Mack has tapped into an under represented portion within a well loved genre. As someone who loves murder mysteries I often find myself wishing for more representation within the books I pick up. Having two women as the main couple and the focus of this story shows something that is rare for the mystery genre. While there are often romances the cozy and even thriller realms focus primarily on straight pairings. Mack has not only written a thrilling book, but she has presented two women who are strong and powerful in their field. This is not a book for the faint of heart either, there is definite gore, but not in an inappropriate way. The balance between crime and romance is well balanced and I would recommend this to any mystery lover. You can get Nightsticks & Negligees today.

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