The Best New True Crime Stories: Serial Killers Book Review from @kleffnotes

Acclaimed author and anthologist Mitzi Szereto has edited this work that brings new stories about the infamous serial killers many true crime lovers may feel they know everything about. The New True Crime Stories: Serial Killers includes an international collection of contributors from this dark field. Be ready to dive into the stories of serial killers that will shock and surprise you.

It is often assumed that serial killers are predominantly American phenomenon with their rise occuring in the later part of the twentieth century. While this might be when much of the information tied to them is very prevalent, but it is not when they arrived in the world. Serial killers have existed in earlier times, but when they did exist there were not words to describe them. They also were not solely commiting crimes in America, but rather can be seen throughout world history. This anthology is a perfect read for true crime fans as it shares so much more than the expected ideas in connection to this topic.

Within these pages are killers who wrote poetry and who wanted to be heard and someone who was caught because of a dog. These figures don’t appear in your traditional serial killer works and the stories that each of the contributors share imparts their personal connection to the story in a way that will draw you in instantly. This is honestly something that, if you love true crime enough, you could delve into and binge. Each story will give you that thrill of finding something new and like you have found a treasure hidden from your true crime education. If you would rather stretch out this eerie, but engaging read, each chapter could be read a day or at whatever pace is perfect for you. You can get your copy of The New True Crime Stories: Serial Killers today.

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