Band Ladies Series Review from @kleffnotes

Band Ladies is a series that you can find on HighballTV that focuses on a group of women who were part of a book club that turned into something completely different. Now yes, that is a little vague, but if you checked out my interview with two of the writers/creators/stars yesterdayyou’d have a better idea of how this comedy takes the idea of getting away from your family for a bit and making it into something completely revitalizing for the spirit. What we see is a journey to self discovery and understanding where these women are able to find themselves again after feeling defined by their roles in life, whether it be mother, girlfriend, or lawyer.

The basic premise of the series is that five women who are part of a book club decide to start a punk band after an online video of them makes the news. While they don’t think they sound great, Chloe (Lisa Michelle Cornelius), who happens to be lawyer connected to some very large companies, reveals some things about a pharmaceutical company that leaves her angry and on the receiving end of a major lawsuit. While she is dealing with the fallout of the video, her friends make the decision to stop being a book club and start being a band. We watch as Cindy (Vicki Kim) works to get them on the scene by finding them a gig and then working with her boss, Kaley (Tricia Black) to try and get them really on the map. Outside of the band Marnie (Kate Fenton) is finding herself feeling unappreciated and like her husband (Kris Siddiqi) no longer desires her. Being a mom seems to have taken over her life and she wants to change that. The band is a way for her to actually have control over her identity and how she feels.

Stephanie (Kirsten Rasmussen), who recently was broken up with by her girlfriend (Natasha Negovanlis) is coping with the end of her relationship and trying to find a new outlet. The bad is able to give her some form of release, but it doesn’t stop her from making some not so great decisions before the series is over. The one helping to bankroll the band is Penny (Dana Puddicombe), who has been trying to have a baby on her own is struggling with the fact that it never seems to happen. With the band she seems to be coping with this emotional strain by trying to live an exceptionally outgoing life, which includes trying to hook up while they are out performing.

While the full series is only one hour each of the characters does get a full arc with two of them being connected. Without giving any spoilers I will say that Cindy and Chloe find themselves examining the topic of the video that put them on the map as a band and the lawsuit that Cindy is facing. Stephanie begins to show growth outside of her desire to be with her ex and while there are some messy moments along the way she seems to be gaining a better grasp of herself. Marnie and Penny are both contending with a struggle in terms of motherhood and how it impacts their lives. The dichotomy of their lives and how children, either the desire for or the existence of, has impacted them balances against each other in a great way.

Now this show does focus on a band and that means music. There is a lot of music throughout the episodes and while they are a punk band there are some more lyrical moments as well. I found myself bopping along during each of the numbers and the actors in this are tremendously talented. I would buy the soundtrack for this series already and what makes the songs so great is that they also fit so well with the stories for the characters. Take the time and check out Band Ladies on HighballTV today.

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