The Bi Line: Let Me Be Your Batwoman from @kleffnotes

Yes, you read that correctly, I want to be your Batwoman. As many people already know Ruby Rose has left Batwoman and it appeared  as though the plan was to replace Kate Kane/Batwoman. It has been noted that for this casting they do plan to cast someone from within the LGBTQ+ community. While recasting can be an issue for shows, I know I have personally been thrown by recastings, though they were all for shows in reruns. Childhood Katherine was very displeased when Bewitched on Nick at Nite replaced Darren, but that is a story for another day. After initially writing this article, these go up bi-weekly because I couldn’t resist tying the schedule to the title of the article series, it has been announced that Batwoman will no longer be Kate Kane, but more on that later.

Me being Batwoman is admittedly very far-fetched, but why not make the argument, though there are a few big things not in my favor here. One, I am not someone who identifies as a lesbian. I identify as bisexual, but I am married to a woman. This often leads people to assume I am a lesbian, which my wife corrects when she can. I have written about my sexuality in more details previously so I don’t want to delve into it too much here. Kate Kane and the new character taken over as Batwoman are both noted as out lesbian characters. I admittedly did establish this argument before the new character announcement. The other drawback is I am not Jewish, though admittedly Ruby Rose is not Jewish either and was allowed to be Kate Kane. I am also not super in shape right now. I moved, I got married, and I have been sick on and off since getting to New York. I admittedly had been sick prior to my move, but hadn’t figured out what the issue was. After multiple scans, blood work, and antibiotics the doctor still isn’t fully sure what was/is wrong, but I am finally feeling better.  I am though very willing to work out all the time and take on any sort of training that they would need me to undertake. Beyond that I literally live in the middle of Amishville in upstate New York so I could undergo intensive acting and workout training and no one would ever know. I would be able to super secretly become Batwoman without anyone being the wiser.

Now beyond the whole I basically have an outdoor training area Batcave available where the media could never find me, I also love Batwoman. I have written about this character multiple times and have read as much as I can about her. I have the Batwoman graphic novels. I have read most of DC Bombshells, they come out only as graphic novels and it sometimes takes me a bit to track them down. I read the Batwoman arc about her lost year and followed her in Detective Comics until they wrote her out. I have hunted for Batwoman merch and have action figures, Funko figures, and even a very fancy Bombshells Batwoman statuette that I could only afford because I had a discount at my comic book store. When I first learned Batwoman the series was coming out I was ecstatic and watching it I found myself weirdly rooting for Alice, in the comics she is very hard to root for though her story is as tragic as her television counterpart. While I have not acted since college, I used to want to be an actress, but was told I was too short at roughly 5’5”, I would be more than willing to learn. I even have some videos of me reading scenes from a yet to be made webseries on my basically on permanent hiatus YouTube channel that shows me playing a player-esque female character if you want to get an idea of me scene reading. Now that I’ve made my argument for why I should be your choice for Batwoman dear universe if I can’t have the role, which is a wild daydream admittedly, there are some suggestions I’ve seen online and thoughts I have for the series going forward.


(Proof of my Batwoman and Bombshells merchandise obsession. The comics are in the library areas of the house.)

Now that it officially has been announced that a new character will be taking over as Batwoman I can see why that might seem like a better choice for the writers. Passing the cowl is actually something that has happened in Batman based plots, especially with Batgirl, and this could be used to show Kate Kane either stepping down or being replaced for whatever reason, I will get into the rumor that death might be one of those reasons. There have been handovers of cowls and in those situations villains and the Bat teams as I’m calling them have pulled over before. Even Batman has been people who are not Bruce Wayne. What could happen is the new character could be recruited to be Batwoman by any of the folks who knew Kate Kane was behind the cowl. Bruce did this with Robins and with Batgirls and he even recruited someone to take over the cowl of Batman in Batman Beyond. Alice could even get a bit of a Joker-esque plot actively trying to remove the pretender to the Batwoman cowl. Some villains get especially motivated to terrible deeds in Gotham when the person they have fought against for so long leaves them.

With Ryan Wilder being announced as becoming Batwoman, the possibilities for casting are basically infinite, which is a plus. The latest news about having a new character as Batwoman though has made me much less optimistic. The one thing someone taking over the cowl needs to be is prepared. With Kate having already done a figuring out how to be the Bat arc, Ryan should not get that luxury. There might be some mistakes or struggles, but the new person has to move in quickly and need only minimal training. This would mean maybe two episodes to get Ryan crime fighting ready, but then there could be no more prep time. Now if my speedy hero montage idea is not the plan season two it could feel very similar to season one or even make the show just drag. No one really wants to constantly see the hero figuring out how to be a hero every season. We want to see them in action and that is what a season two typically is for a superhero plot. The only allowance I would give for set up would be to establish how she and the Bat team are going to be working together and her learning how to master all of the technology she’ll need on the street, again in very minimal episodes. 

I have also seen that the plan is to kill off Kate Kane, which is ridiculous. Robins have left, Dick Grayson went on to become Nightwing, and Batgirls often change, there have been a few including Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and the well known Barbara Gordon. All Kate Kane would have to do is decide to retire. It would be an odd choice for the character, but it could happen since Ruby Rose does want to leave and be much less traumatic than another dead lesbian. An executive producer for the show did come forward and said the plan is technically a mysterious disappearance. Admittedly Kate Kane has disappeared before. There is a whole mini series dedicated to her lost year, but this was during a period of Kate Kane’s life that we didn’t actually see in the tv series. Though the series did have her temporarily refuse to wear the cowl and there was someone who tried to pick up the cowl for her. Since they’ve already done that for one episode it seems odd to do it again for the arc of a new season. Having her mysteriously disappear seems like a way to in essence kill her off without having it be a real death. On Twitter after seeing a tweet by Dana Piccoli where she compared Kate Kane to the leaving of Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy I decided to call this writing choice #VanishYourGays. It honestly feels like #BuryYourGays, but with slightly fluffy packaging.  Admittedly if they get rid of the new character idea, sorry Ryan you seem cool and could be a secondary character who maybe acts as a Robin type character for Batwoman and then gets the cowl in season three, they could find a way for Kate Kane to live in another body. There are literally people making masks out of human skin, I am sure someone could figure out how to have Kate’s consciousness in another body. Alice is smart and I’m sure she and Mouse to could figure out how to do it.  It could even be a whole episode where Kate is grievously injured and Alice chooses to save her, but the only way is to do something extreme and make her sister someone else. You’d even get to have her understanding how to fight and move in her new skin, which would explain someone learning how to be Batwoman while still keeping Kate Kane under the cowl.

I will say if they had done an internal mantle pass, which is what I originally hoped for to preserve the Bat team and keep the story rolling without Ruby Rose if a recast of Kate Kane didn’t come through, I would have loved to see Meagan Tandy or Rachel Skarsten as Batwoman. Though Skarsten’s Alice would probably have her own thoughts on what protecting the streets of Gotham would involve. I did see that Jade Tailor, who I loved in The Magicians, has specifically said that she would like the chance to play Batwoman. I do think she would be interesting to see in the role and she has been in a darker toned series that did involve some intense action sequences in the past. Another option that would be very cool is Stephanie Beatriz, but there is the issue of her having to film Brooklyn Nine-Nine. One that would be curious is Samira Wiley, I loved her in Orange is the New Black and would be interested to see her in the lead role of a series. A Canadian actor that I think might be a really cool fit is Mercedes Morris. If you haven’t heard of her, she was in the most recent season of Slasher and was so great in her role. She also appeared in a web series I loved in a more comedic type role so she definitely has range. 

As a brand new DC character Ryan Wilder could be anyone. I do like most of the description for this character, though I was sort of hoping they would keep with a Kate Kane style root with her being either trained in fighting or combat, maybe someone who once thought about law enforcement, but saw that this wouldn’t help Gotham in the way she had thought.  I would love to see a Black Batwoman and it would be great to have a queer BIPOC in the role, especially since CW has so few lead non-white roles. I am pretty sure I can count them on one hand, but maybe I’m not fully versed in The CW universe of characters. They could even make Ryan transgender or non-binary, which would honestly be a huge step for representation. I hope that the CW takes this moment as an opportunity to really push for great representation. You could even do this without removing Kate Kane, I happen to think my “Alice puts Kate in a new body” idea is pretty cool. If you want me CW feel free to tweet me @kleffnotes any time.

Let me know your Batwoman thoughts in the comments or over on Twitter!

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