Do You, Without Them Book Review from @kleffnotes

Calvin Richardson is a multi-Grammy nominated R&B singer and songwriter who rose from a modest southern life to fame and living his dream. When the iconic Charlie Wilson called him “one of the most talented artists in the business” he knew that he was truly special. With the nickname, “The Soul Prince” Richardson has been sharing his completely open and beautifully created southern soul for almost two decades. With so many people asking how he managed to gain his success Richardson decided to write Do You, Without Them to remind people that they should follow their dreams.

What this story does is examine the inspiring story of Richardson and how his dedication and determination helped him to gain the life he always dreamed of. He is very open about everything he experiences and provides a very detailed story of how he was able to transform himself into a chart-topping inspiration. With the ups and downs, twists and turns that he went through he is able to show a deep insight into his life and also into the music industry as he continues to blaze a trail with his talent.

This memoir style book is a very quick and easy read where Richardson takes us through different aspects of his life. He talks about his experiences with Cedric “K-CI” Hailey and Joel “Jo Jo” Hailey and their work as the group Jodeci in the early 1990s  and how this success led him to create Undacova. We are shown him evolving his music and his performing over time. Outside of his time on the stage he also discusses what he was like growing up and shares a story in which he was stabbed, but he is thankful that no serious damage was done. This is just one story that showcases his life outside of music, but what I truly loved about this book was his examination of music and the meaning behind his own works. You can get your copy of Do You, Without Them today.

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