Under Your Skin Book Review from @kleffnotes

Under Your Skin is in the genre of domestic thriller that includes books like Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. Rose McClelland has crafted a tense read that will keep you guessing and turning pages until you find yourself suddenly on the last page. While she has written a great deal of fiction, McClelland is taking us on her first journey into the world of thrillers and she has done a perfect job.

The focus of this story is the disappearance of Hannah Greer, which is the immediate start of the story. Her husband has called the authorities to inform them that she has gone missing, but there seems to be nothing to help the authorities find her. Detective Inspector Simon Peters and Detective Kerry Lawlor are brought in to investigate, but they can’t find any trace of Hannah and her husband Kyle seems to have no clues. Julia Matthews, a local woman, joins the search and in doing so becomes close to Kyle. This decision leads her to find out more secrets than anyone else could ever find. Will her decision to try and help Hannah trap Julia in a dangerous web that she never thought she would be a part of?

McClelland has created intensely intimate relationships that are what truly pulls you into the story. With this story being one that already keeps you guessing, the relationships are what really keeps you cemented into the plot. Under Your Skin will do just that, get under your skin. The secrets that are revealed will surprise you and as you keep reading you will want more and more of the story. Julia creates the perfect guide for readers to make their way through this mystery, but I do appreciate that chapters are dedicated to different characters to provide more insight into what is going on in connection to Hannah’s disappearance. You can get your copy of Under Your Skin today.

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