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When it ended its run in March, Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure gave viewers a happily ever after with our heroes defeating the evil Zhan Tiri and the long anticipated engagement of Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert.

“In a way, everyone found exactly where they were meant to be” – Rapunzel (Plus Est En Vous)

It was good to learn that after all they been through, the people of Corona were getting the chance to live their lives the way they wanted.

As for Cassandra, she decided to leave the kingdom to see what was out in the world for her. For months, Cass was manipulated by Zhan Tiri into believing the Moonstone was her destiny. This manipulation along with her own jealousy and insecurity caused Cassandra to take up arms against Rapunzel. When Zhan Tiri claimed both the Moonstone and Sun Drop after Cassandra and Rapunzel’s final battle, Cass finally apologized to Raps for her actions and they reconciled. Together the friends united and defeated the ancient demon.

Fans of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure want to see what happens next for Cassandra. So, they are pushing for a spinoff for their favorite warrior. Despite her mistakes, Cass has a hero’s heart. And with her exploring the world, it’s guaranteed she’ll encounter bad guys and the next great threat.

The Twitter account for Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure recently posted a series of polls under the #CassSpinoff asking various questions. I found these interesting and decided to respond in this article.

Owl and Fidella could both act as Cassandra’s sidekick/best friend. I doubt Owl would stay in Corona without Cassandra. It’s more likely he’d follow her on her journey. And Cass rode Fidella out of the kingdom, so the trusty steed is already with her.

However my personal favorite for a Cassandra sidekick/ best friend is Varian. I know he was appointed as Corona’s Royal Engineer (or Royal Science Nerd according to Eugene). But I envision Varian tracking Cass down and just showing up. She attempts to send him home, but he wants to stay and offers his assistance. Varian explains she could use the expertise of an alchemist, reminding he made a great “Co-Lady In Waiting” to her.  There could be a scene where she apologizes for kidnapping, drugging and almost causing his death when he fell from her Black Rock tower. It bothered me we didn’t get an apology scene between Cass and Varian. I like the idea of these two working together. And if we could another amazing duet like “Nothing Left To Lose” that’s a plus.

Personally I never thought Gothel was Cassandra’s biological mother. C’mon the woman is like centuries old, way past child bearing years. I believe Gothel kidnapped Cassandra to have someone to cook and clean for her. Maybe Cass could find her real mother while out on the road. As for her father I know this is probably reaching, but I like the idea of Edmund being Cassandra’s biological father because that would make Eugene her brother. Their constant bantering gave off a sibling vibe, why not make them related?

My second option for a biological father for Cassandra is a new character she encounters and befriends without knowing he’s her bio dad. Maybe the king of a new kingdom introduced in the spinoff. In the Tangled universe, the royals never seem to get to raise their children. It would be cool if the former lady in waiting was actually a princess! I’d also want Cass’ biological father to be a good guy.

With both Gothel and Zhan Tiri dead, I’d want Cassandra to face off against a new villain. Someone without any connection to Rapunzel. And preferably one with loads of minions. Cass is a skilled fighter and her idea of fun is when she gets to kick bad guys asses.

A Rapunzel Tangled Adventure spinoff (Cassandra or otherwise) hasn’t been given the greenlight. But under the creative helm of Chris Sonneburg and the talented team behind Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, a Cassandra spinoff offers loads of possibilities.

Photos Courtesy of Disney Channel

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