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With Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure’s “Waiting In The Wings” winning the 2020 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Original Song in a Children’s, Young Adult or Animated Program as well as fandom talk of a Cass Spinoff, the character of Cassandra is taking center stage. Broadway Star Eden Espinosa voices Cassandra giving her emotional depth and making her one of the most popular characters in the Tangled franchise.

There are many great Cassandra moments throughout the three seasons. To find out which episodes I chose as my Top Five, continue reading below.

Cassandra (Eden Espinosa) spent her whole life trying to overcome everyone’s perception of her. She wanted people to know there was more in her than just being a lady in waiting. Sadly, Cass lost her way allowing hate and jealousy to consume her thus making it easy for Zhan Tiri to manipulate her into doing the ancient demon’s evil bidding.

My top Cassandra episodes show her relationship with Rapunzel and their growing rift resulting in Cass turning against Raps and becoming her nemesis and a threat to the kingdom of Corona.

5.     Challenge of the Brave

Cassandra wants to compete in the Challenge of the Brave, a contest where the bravest warrior will be determined. The problem: Rapunzel decides she wants to participate too; the competition is something she can share with her best friend. However, Cassandra is angry Rapunzel is intruding upon something that is important to Cassandra and not taking it seriously as far as Cass is concern. It’s easy to see Cassandra’s jealousy at being viewed as second best to Rapunzel building. The episode plants the seeds to the tree of betrayal.

4.     Beginnings

Rapunzel is struggling with losing Cassandra as a friend. Finding a new handmaiden to replace Cass proves difficult especially since the princess is comparing all of them to Cass. This is the origin story of Rapunzel and Cassandra’s friendship. The episode shows Rapunzel and Cassandra competing as partners in The Contest of The Crowns with Cass choosing friendship with Rapunzel over the chance to be a soldier in a neighboring kingdom’s battalion.

3.    A Tale of Two Sisters

Zhan Tiri’s plan to obtain both the Moonstone and Sun Drop depends on Rapunzel and Cassandra being at odds. In order to achieve this, she must ensure Cassandra’s resentment of her former friend remains intact. To that end, Zhan Tiri lures them to Cassandra’s childhood home…Gothel’s old cottage. Cass attacks Raps with black rocks causing a collision trapping them in a mine shaft underground. They battle bats and a mole. Cassandra agrees to a temporary truce in order to escape.  Using an enchanted mirror which records memories like a diary, Zhan Tiri is able to trick Cass into believing Rapunzel took the mirror so Cassandra couldn’t see Gothel’s love for her real daughter. This cements Cassandra’s hatred and the friends grow even further apart.

2.     Rapunzel and The Great Tree

Rapunzel and the gang are on a quest for the third scroll. The Black Rocks lead them to The Great Tree. Along the way, they meet Hector, another member of The Brotherhood who is determined to stop them from reaching The Dark Kingdom and The Moonstone. This is a pivotal episode in the growing fracturing of the Rapunzel/Cassandra friendship. Cassandra feels Rapunzel stop trusting her when the princess takes Adiri’s suggestions over hers. The rift widens when Rapunzel’s use of the deadly Decaying Incantation results in Cassandra’s hand being badly burned.

“Rapunzel and The Great Tree” features Cassandra’s tour de force ballad, the Emmy winning “Waiting In The Wings” passionately sung by Eden Espinosa.

1.     Cassandra’s Revenge

Cassandra seems unreachable as ever as she pursues total control over The Black Rocks. She travels to Corona where she interrupts Eugene’s birthday party, demanding Rapunzel hand over the scroll. Upon discovering Varian has the scroll as well as a translation key that will reveal the needed incantation, Cassandra takes the young alchemist prisoner. Using the Truth Serum Varian made on him, Cass gets him to tell her the Moon Incantation and builds a stronghold from the ruins of Gothel’s tower.

There is an epic battle between Cassandra and Rapunzel with Cass wielding her full power and Rapunzel fighting back with the newly discovered Sun Incantation, which Varian found hidden in invisible ink and only visible through a concentrated beam of sunlight.

The amazing Varian and Cassandra duet “Nothing Left To Lose” included in “Cassandra’s Revenge” and sung by Jeremy Jordan and Eden Espinosa earned the top position in my list of Top Ten Favorite Songs:

What is your favorite Cassandra episode?

Photos Courtesy of Disney Channel

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