Batwoman Season 1 Blu-ray Release Review from @kleffnotes

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own. After that quick mandatory disclosure I am excited to announce that Batwoman is now available on Blu-ray for anyone who might have been having an issue watching the series on The CW, actual channel or their free online site, or could not get HBO Max, which was the only streaming service that you could watch it on after the finale. With a release today you have plenty of time to get caught up on the first season in time for the second season and for the arrival of the new Batwoman.

After Batman vanishes from Gotham the city is left without someone in the cowl. Enter Kate Kane, cousin of Bruce Wayne, who has returned to Gotham after some time away. After being kicked out of military school for being her true self, Kate identifies as a lesbian and much like in the comics we learn she was expelled for being in a relationship with a woman during training, Kate felt further separated from her father and like she could never truly be a part of his world. Now she wants to help Gotham in her own way, which ultimately leads her to discover Bruce’s secret and become a new Bat for Gotham, Batwoman.

Kate’s backstory becomes vital to how she interacts with the primary villain of the series, Alice, who we learn is actually Kate’s twice sister Beth. The two were involved in a car accident with their mother and Beth was presumed dead after bones were found at a certain point during the search. What Kate didn’t know was Beth had survived the crash, but been taking captive by a terrible man. In order to cope with the trauma of her new life Beth used Alice in Wonderland and her connection with the son of the man who took her, who she names Mouse. In the present Beth has become Alice and she wants to get revenge for having been left behind by her own father. This evolves into a desire to also cause damage to Kate’s life. Alice goes on to target her father and his new family, with a desire building to punish Mary, Kate’s step sister, for having had the life that Alice did not get to have.

Batwoman on Blu-ray also includes the full crossover event, which leads to one of my absolute favorite arcs of the series involving two Beths. Yes, there are ultimately two Beths for a few episodes based on a convergence. I have written a great deal about this series and Batwoman in the past, but for this article I wanted to highlight the convenience of having the full crossover in the package and being able to see a blooper real, which is hilarious. Rachel Skarsten, who plays Alice, posted great things on Instagram during filming and this blooper real was like being able to delve back into those fun moments. I also love Meagan Tandy and Nicole Kang in this show. Tandy plays Sophie, who has a strong romantic connection to Kate and the two find themselves trying to navigate feelings for each other while they seem to be on opposite sides of the fight in Gotham. Kang plays Mary, who is Kate’s step sister and really amazing. She lives a double life as  an influencer who runs a secret clinic. They are both just such strong actors. Skarsten though wins my MVP of the series award.

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I also am very excited to see the new season with Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder. While I do still wish we could have just had her take on the name Kate Kane, there is a lot of face swapping in this show so I feel like it could have worked, I am remaining optimistic and looking forward to seeing Leslie in this role. You can get your copy of Batwoman on Blu-ray today.

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