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One of the 2020 Daytime Emmy nominations Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure received was for Outstanding Editing for an Animated Program.

This article contains spoilers for the episodes “Rapunzel and The Great” so if you haven’t seen it, please don not continue reading.

In animation, there are a lot of individuals taking part in the process to ensure that the story ebbs and flows. The animation editor plays a significant role.

If you think all an animation editor does is cut things out of the final version, you’ll be interested to learn the animation editor is involved from start to finish, working with character design and storyboards and sometimes even helping to rewrite scenes.

Anyone who’s watched Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure can attest there’s so much going on in every episode. Take for example one of the larger Season 2 mythology episodes “Rapunzel and The Great Tree.” In the story, we have Rapunzel still on her journey following the path of the black rocks. In addition to encountering a possible new nemesis Hector, Rapunzel also learned a deadly incantation that put herself and her friends in danger. Also after the events at The Great Tree, Cassandra believed Rapunzel no longer trusted her which contributed to Cass to betraying her friend. The clip below shows the strain between them leading into Cassandra’s powerful “Waiting In The Wings” ballad (Nominated for Outstanding Original Song in a Children’s, Young Adult or Animated Program). The counterbalance of Cassandra and Rapunzel’s friendship trust issue was Lance and Eugene’s “You’re My Best Buddy” song (even though it came about as a more or less drugged laced, acid trip flower poison tune) as it showed a total trust and commitment to friendship.

Video Courtesy of ScarlettVaria

There was so much going on in “Rapunzel and The Great Tree” that I imagine Kevin Locarro, Tony Rocco, John Royer and Louis Russell poured over numerous storyboards and scenes to determine what to keep to enhance the episode. It takes a critical eye and strong vision to make the right editing decision. The hard work of this editing team deserve the recognition of a Daytime Emmy nomination.

Congratulations Disney and Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure!

Photo and Video Courtesy of Disney Channel

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