#RapunzelsTangledAdventure Nominated For A 2020 Daytime Emmy For Outstanding Directing for an Animated Program via @stacyamiller85 @SeriesTangled @BigPants @TomCaulfield01 @MaryEMcGlynn #Shane Zalvin #TangledTheSeries #DaytimeEmmys

One of the 2020 Daytime Emmy nominations Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure received was for Outstanding Directing for an Animated Program.

Directing an animated series is a huge undertaking. If anyone is unfamiliar with what an animation director does, according to definition “an animation director oversees the film’s broad vision—its style, its tone, its color palette—and tinkers with every aspect of the production process.”

In a series like Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure where the characters face large emotional and physical challenges, it’s obvious from watching the finished product that directors Tom Caulfield, Mary McGlynn and Shane Zalvin worked extremely hard to convey this in the scenes.

Take for example the clip below. It’s a pivotal moment in the Season 3 premiere titled “Cassandra’s Return, Part 1.”  In the scene, Rapunzel pleads with Cassandra to rethink her decision to fulfill her believed destiny by trying to remind her of their friendship. The shots where Cassandra’s image can be seen in Rapunzel’s eyes gives more powerful meaning to the lyrics of “Crossing The Line.” The entire sequence with the closeups and wide camera angles is spectular.

When watching Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, it’s easy to forget this is animation. These feel like real people dealing with real issues. The directing is part of the quality trifecta that includes writing, voice acting and music.

Congratulations Disney and Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure!

Photo and Video Courtesy of Disney Channel

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