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“Sorry it’s just cheekbones like these they just don’t come around twice in a generation people…they don’t!”- Eugene (“Flynnposter”)

Or do they? Did Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure’s Eugene Fitzherbert have a twin brother? And how would Eugene’s life changed if Edmund revealed he’d sent two sons away from The Dark Kingdom?

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the Season 3 episode of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure “Flynnposter” please so not continue reading.

In the Season 3 episode “Flynnposter” when he’s unable to face estranged daughter Cassandra in battle, the Captain of The Royal Guards retires from his post.  For his successor, he recommends the man he feels most capable: Eugene. Fitzherbert is unsure whether he should accept the position. After all, he was legendary thief Flynn Rider… how could he be a lawman? Nonetheless, Eugene doesn’t have much time to muddle over his decision when Rapunzel’s crown is stolen again because catching the thief is something Captain of The Royal Guards needs to handle.

Eugene is annoyed when a description is given of the criminal and he’s shown the wanted poster: It’s Flynn Rider with a mustache!

It’s off to get answers from the painter of the wanted poster, who turns out to be an elderly gentleman with cracked glasses.

Eugene is determined to apprehend the thief. Yes stealing Rapunzel’s crown is bad, but the real crime as far as Fitzherbert is concerned is grand theft persona!

The Flynnposter turns out to be a guy named Brock Thunderstrike. Brock explains he was tired of being boring so he decided to become rogue thief Flynn Rider. Okay…hey Brock, didn’t you hear Flynn Rider reformed, goes by his real name and was now Princess Rapunzel’s boyfriend?

Captain Eugene Fitzherbert with help from Rapunzel and his “by the book right hand horse” Maximus end up rescuing Brock when Thunderstrike is mistaken for Eugene by Fitzherbert’s old nemesis The Baron.

Convinced by Rapunzel to help Brock turn over a new leaf, Eugene allows his doppelganger to go free instead of bringing him in for stealing the princess’ crown. But offers advice before Brock departs: “And whatever you do, don’t let an awesome name like Brock Thunderstrike go to waste.”

So Brock departs, end of story. But what if there were more to tell?

The resemblance between Eugene and Brock is an obvious reason to believe they were twins as it’s doubtful Brock had plastic surgery so he’d look like “Flynn Rider.”

As a real life twin, I like the idea of Eugene and Brock being twins. Their scenes were full of sibling energy and competition.  And if King Edmund sent one son away from The Dark Kingdom, whose to say he hadn’t sent two?

What would have happened if Edmund revealed Eugene and Brock were twins? I guess with the larger Season 3 story of Cassandra using her acquired Moonstone power against Rapunzel, a subplot of a long lost twin brother for Eugene wasn’t something Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure’s writers chose to focus on.  But I’ve been running the scenarios in my head since meeting Brock Thunderstrike: King Edmund is within earshot and hears Rapunzel praising Eugene for letting Brock go to give him a second chance to embark on a better life. Eugene makes the comment “What choice did I have? C’mon, there’s only one Flynn Rider…how can you improve on perfection? I don’t care how much he THOUGHT he looked like me.” And in classic Edmund style, The Dark King says out loud (instead of thinking) “Well Horace finally met his twin brother.” What follows is a bunch of exposition in which we learn Hector convinced Edmund the babies would be safer if they were kept apart so he took one of the king’s sons (Brock) to find the boy a home.

I don’t know how things were for Brock growing up, but it seems to me he suffers from low esteem if he thought becoming a thief and running away from the law was a better choice than just being himself.

So in my version, Rapunzel encourages Eugene to go find Brock. She reminds how important family is and urges him to bring his brother back to Corona to get to know him. The princess assures Brock can set foot in the kingdom by guaranteeing he wouldn’t be arrested for stealing her crown. Eugene is reluctant, still insisting “I don’t like him.” Fitzherbert finally agrees with Rapunzel and goes on a trek for Brock. When he catches up with his twin, Eugene discovers  Brock hasn’t given up being a thief. But this time, Brock is stealing under is own name! To which Brock replies “I took your advice…I’m making sure the name Brock Thunderstrike isn’t going to waste!” Brock also has a new partner in crime as well as a girlfriend: Staylan!

I thought it interesting the “Life After Happily Ever After Finale” song shows Brock ended up with Staylan…I guess Flynn Rider was hard for both of them to forget!

Although shocked his ex and brother are a couple, Eugene returns to the castle with Brock and Staylan in tow. It’s an awkward reunion for Brock when he meets his father. Edmund is happy to see “Horatio” (Brock’s given name) again. Rapunzel agrees Brock and Staylan can live at the castle…as long as they don’t try to steal anything.

And they all lived happily ever after…after all. Probably not. I’m sure Brock would offer numerous complications to Eugene’s life.

Photos Courtesy of Disney Channel

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