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Music is an important form of expression. And in Disney’s Tangled: The Series and Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, the characters’ feelings are often conveyed through song.

“Hey, haven’t any of you had a problem you just couldn’t solve? One we could sing about…preferably a bouncy tune that makes you forget how bad everything…”- Eugene (“Plus Est En Vous”)

Choosing among the many great songs from Tangled: The Series and Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure to select the top ten is like following the black rocks to The Dark Kingdom without a caravan and a group of friends you trust.

My decision was based on the ten songs I listen to more than any others; those that are stuck in my head that I find myself singing the lyrics. So without being Xavier and letting this drag on, here is my list of Top Ten Favorite Songs:

 10. Wind In My Hair/Life After Happily Ever After

These songs are tied. I know they are actually from Tangled Before Ever After. But since Wind In My Hair serves as the series theme and a reprise of Life After Happily Ever After is the final song, I decided to include both.

Rapunzel’s optimism and zest for life shines in the lyrics of Wind In My Hair. And in Life After Happily Ever After, her hopefulness for the future is what this song is about.

 9.    If I Could Take This Moment Back

Have you ever wished you had another chance to tell someone you care about something you didn’t say? Learning Eugene and Staylan are to marry, Rapunzel laments this. If only she hadn’t let fear keep her from accepting Eugene’s proposal hold her back. In If I Could Take This Moment Back, both sing about this lost opportunity.

8.    Stronger Than Ever Before

With Varian’s help, Rapunzel is able to defeat The Separatists of Saporia and save Corona from annihilation. She, Eugene and Lance know they’ll face more challenges. But also they’ll overcome because they have each other. And learning from their past mistakes make them stronger than ever before.

7.     Through It All

Cassandra and Zhan Tiri have taken over the castle. How will Rapunzel and her friends save their kingdom? By “facing whatever the fates may bring and tear through every wall.” I liked how Eugene’s attempt to rally the troops by using a “bouncy tune” failed, but when Rapunzel basically did the same thing everyone was okay to put their lives on the line and follow her into danger. Only Varian acknowledged they all could die with his line in the song “Who knows if we’ll make it back?” 

6.        Crossing The Line

Cassandra’s resentment of Rapunzel was steadily building throughout Season 2 leading to her betrayal of her friend by claiming the Moonstone. Rapunzel urged Cass not throw everything they had away in “Crossing The Line.” But Cassandra refused to listen.

5.     Next Stop Anywhere

Rapunzel begins her journey following the black rocks to her destiny. She’s excited to be away from the castle and out in the world for the first time in her life. Her excitement is contagious as Eugene and Cassandra also sing how they feel the world is waiting.

4.    Let Me Make You Proud

Varian races off during the big blizzard in Corona to get Rapunzel’s help to free Quirin from the amber. He’s determined to save his dad and make his father proud because he “longs for that look of surprise when you see your son rising at the last. The pride in your eyes when you see your son rising at last.” Poor kid.

3.       Waiting In The Wings

Waiting In The Wings received a 2020 Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Original Song. It’s a ballad that expresses Cassandra’s feelings of frustration for always being sidelined.

UPDATE: Waiting In The Wings won the 2020 Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Original Song

2.     Ready As I’ll Ever Be

Queen Arianna has been kidnapped by Varian. While The Royal Guards (led by Cassandra) attack Old Corona, Rapunzel and King Frederic plan to rescue the queen from the alchemist’s clutches. Varian, Cassandra, Eugene and Rapunzel all sing about how they’re ready as they’ll ever be for the upcoming battle.

1.         Nothing Left To Lose

My absolute favorite song in the entire series. Varian’s desperation in trying to convince Cassandra of all she had to lose by going down a dark path is heard in the lyrics of “Nothing Left To Lose.” It’s a perfect character development piece for him, showing Varian took responsibility for his own mistakes and learned from them. Now his goal was to help his friend. But Cassandra believed she was following her destiny and not making a mistake, so the plea fell on deaf ears.

Did any of your favorites make the list?

Photos Courtesy of Disney Channel

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