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It’s the classic love story: Boy meets girl. Boy rescues girl from the tower she’s been kept at for eighteen years after being kidnapped as a baby by a woman wanting to use her magical hair in order to stay young. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl defeat an ancient demon. Then, they lived happily ever after. After all.

Notorious thief Flynn Rider (Real name Eugene Fitzherbert. Born Prince Horace of The Dark Kingdom) didn’t know his life would change forever when while running away from Corona’s Royal Guards, he discovers a tower and climbs up. The perfect hideout where no one would find him…right? Okay, it didn’t exactly turn out that way. Before Flynn could say “Ow, that hurts,” Rider was clobbered over the head by a beautiful blonde wielding a frying pan (“Frying pan…who knew?”).

And so begins the romance of Princess Rapunzel of Corona and Eugene Fitzherbert.

But are they mismatched or a good pair? Can a princess sheltered from the world for the first eighteen years of her life and a rogue ex-thief be the perfect couple?

Below I give ten reasons why I think Eugene and Rapunzel make a perfect couple.

10.     Their Different Parenting Styles

When a magical top from The House of Yesterday’s Tomorrow reverts Lance and Cassandra to children and Shorty to a baby, Eugene and Rapunzel get the chance to see what it’s like to be parents. Eugene believes being firm is best while Rapunzel feels it’s important to allow children to express themselves. Their different parenting styles compliment each other and show they’ll offer their children two viewpoints to help them tell right from wrong while developing their individuality.

 9.     They Find A Way To Cope In Impending Doom

In the face of danger, Eugene and Rapunzel both refuse to let the odds defeat them. Whether a joke or song, both add levity to the situation, often offering encouragement to their friends.

 8.    Their Unconventional Childhoods

Both were taken away from their families: King Edmund sent Eugene away from The Dark Kingdom to keep his son safe. Gothel stole Rapunzel from King Frederic and Queen Arianna. Without proper upbringings, Eugene and Rapunzel learned from an early age to make the best of their lives. Confined to a tower and kept away from people didn’t hinder Rapunzel from becoming a woman of compassion. Growing up as an orphan taught Young Eugene to use his wits to survive. The princess and the thief needed to reach deep inside themselves and find the strength within. They value the importance of family and having someone in your life to love.

 7.    Their Shared Love of Corona’s Cupcakes

How can you go wrong when you have a shared love of the same baked delight? Corona’s cupcakes can’t solve their problems, but they put a smile on Eugene and Rapunzel’s faces. Plus, they make a great place to hide an engagement ring!

 6.    Their Love For Kingdom of Corona

As princess, Rapunzel’s love for her kingdom comes naturally. Eugene’s love for Corona came from his love for Rapunzel. And probably because Corona was the first place where he truly felt at home.

 5.   Their Teamwork in a Fight

No one can best Eugene and Rapunzel in a fight. Why? Because they work together. And with a nifty move like the Twirl Attack, how can they lose?

 4.   They Never Back Down From a Fight 

Eugene told Adira while she was under the control of The Mind Trap: “Well I’m not one to walk away from a fight when my friends are in danger no matter what the odds. Just something I picked up from Rapunzel.” And during her confrontation with Zhan Tiri, Rapunzel added “There’s something you should know, I’m not big on giving up.”

 3.   They Never Give Up on a Friend

Whether it Lance or Cassandra, Eugene and Rapunzel will put everything on the line for their friends. Eugene was willing to marry Staylan to save Lance from a deadly spider’s poisonous venom. And Rapunzel never gave up on Cassandra even when Cass tried to destroy her due to the seductive power of The Moonstone.

 2.    They Always Support Eachother

They may not always agree with the other’s choices, but Eugene and Rapunzel will always support each other. Eugene is there when Rapunzel is uncertain whether she’s making the right decision. She knows he’ll pick her up when she falls. And he can count on her being in his corner. Because of his love for Rapunzel, Eugene tries to be a better man.

 1.    They Love Eachother With All Their Hearts     

They’re friends as well as lovers. Eugene and Rapunzel would die for eachother. In his case, Eugene actually did. They complete eachother. Eugene and Rapunzel are the future of Corona.

What makes Eugene and Rapunzel a perfect couple can be summed up in the lyrics of the reprise to Next Stop Anywhere: “Anywhere I’m supposed to be with you close to me. Facing every jeopardy linked inseparably. Though it may get rough for us, we’re enough for us.”

Eugene and Rapunzel are one…and together there’s nothing they can’t do!

Photos Courtesy of Disney Channel

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