Twin Daggers Book Review from @kleffnotes

MarcyKate Connolly is debuting her first YA novel this fall and for readers who enjoy Marissa Meyer and her futuristic take on fairy tales, Twin Daggers is something they will love. By taking the well known story of Romeo and Juliet and adding a fantasy twist, Connolly has created a new world where Juliet is given more agency in the story. This story will transport you and drop you into a world where magic and revenge are tied together.

Aissa and her twin sister Zandria are Magi spies, which means they are magic users that most people actually think no longer exist. The two fulfill the seemingly normal role of Technocrats eagerly taking part in their new internships during the day, but by night they are plotting revenge and hope to take back the city from the very Technocrats they pretend to be. Aissa is sent to find the heir to the Technocrat throne, who is said to be something known as Heartless. This means that she did not have a working heart at birth and only survives because of the mechanical replacement inside of her. The mission is complicated, especially with a researcher trying to cure the Heartless, and becomes even more complicated when Zandria is captured. She will do anything to get her back and this might even mean throwing her loyalties aside and getting help from those she has always despised.

Early on in the book we are introduced to a mysterious boy who is somewhere he should not be. Aissa knows she must determine who he is and why he was digging into things. By chance she bumps into him, or he actually bumps into her, and when Aro introduces himself there are definitely unexpected elements or romance. Zandria is very sure that love is in the air. The two continue to come in contact as the story progresses and Aissa seems to slowly feel more comfortable around Aro. Both are very dedicated to their missions with Aissa focused on trying to take down the Technocrats and Aro focused on his work with the Heartless, but this slow burn romance continues to evolve. I loved this book and definitely see the appeal it would have for those who love futuristic takes on classic stories. Twin Daggers releases on August 25th of this year.

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