Accidentals Book Review from @kleffnotes

Accidentals is the latest novel from Susan M. Gaines which uses the environments and how we leave our mark on the earth around us to explore our emotional and physical imprints. Environmental fiction is a genre that I admittedly do not read much of, though I have review some books that I feel fall under this umbrella. Many of them held a sort of mystical or fantastical basis, this one though stays more rooted firmly in the realm of traditional fiction.

When Gabriel makes the decision to go with his mother to her native Uruguay he becomes immersed in a different way of life. While he had been previously working at an uninspiring job he is now around a family and finds himself falling in love with someone he meets while he is there. He chooses to go birdwatching in the wetlands on the abandoned family ranch and with a new love both for a biologist and for the environment emerging he finds himself contending with the idea of an environmental cataclysm and the impact the present has had on the world. He is also working to understand the violence and Cold War-era ideologies that have shaped his family.

This is a story about people and the impact they have, both on the world around them and how they impact others. Gabriel is finding himself at a point of discovery and looking to understand how he has both shaped the world and how he has been shaped. In his transition away from the very developed and more urban world, he is returning to his roots in a way. He now cares and feels more connected to the larger world and wants to understand it. As you read you will follow his journey to understanding and gain a better appreciation for the impact you have on the world. You can get your copy of the Accidentals today.

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