The Wedding Date Disaster Book Review from @kleffnotes

Avery Flynn has written a delightfully fun escapist story that allows you to be part of an event that hasn’t really been able to happen in the present, a wedding. Now this is the sort of story you should go into knowing that there is a happy ending because The Wedding Date Disaster is the perfect read for those who love Hallmark and Lifetime movies. You will find yourself enjoying the light and funny story in a way that will help you feel transported to a family wedding in Nebraska.

Hadley Donovan is headed back to Nebraska for her sister’s wedding. This much family time is going to require vodka and some help from her best friend. The problem though is that her best friend isn’t coming, instead his twin brother is. Will Holt is someone that Hadley can’t stand. She thinks he is the worst, though maybe the worst part of that is the fact that his butt looks great in his jeans even though his is someone she thinks is way to confident for his own good. Instead of helping her avoid the family he winds up pulling them into games and events, but maybe there is something to this competitive edge between them that could be something more.

This is such a fun read and if you are looking to dive into a story where you ultimately know everything will end happily this is the perfect read for you. Hadley and Will’s romance falls within the sort of plots that are loved by people who binge Hallmark movies in times of stress. I could see a number of readers adoring this book and completely investing themselves in these two lead characters getting together by the end of the story. If you are looking for a read that will have you smiling throughout this is a book you need. You can pre-order your copy today, The Wedding Date Disaster does come out on Tuesday the 25th.

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