Fright Night Book Review from @kleffnotes

Have you ever wanted to go to a haunted attraction hoping to be frightened? Well in Fright Night when a group goes through the woods as part of a Fright Night event they find themselves in a scarier situation than they ever expected. Maren Stoffels creates a story with some great reveals that will have you curious about just what will happen next as soon as you start reading.

Quin and Dylan have been friends for years, but now that Dylan is living with his best friend their relationship feels different. While Quin doesn’t seem to think too much about the change, Dylan is having issues adjusting after being taken away from his mother. When Sofia, a friend that both boys made this year, suggests they go to Fright Night, a frightening event that is not for the faint of heart, Dylan sees this as a way to confront his fears and finally feel more comfortable in his new living situation. When they arrive they are paired with two older participants, one of whom doesn’t know it, but her connection to one of the Fright Night workers will change their night completely. Sandy and Kelly are now fast friends, but they come from lives that have not been easy. When Sandy finds out they can make a lot of money working at Fright Night they wind up becoming part of the event, but Kelly finds himself confronted by feelings that he thought he had come to terms with. The night will take a turn that not even the safe word can save all of the participants from.

I really enjoy multiple POV books and much like the previous story I reviewed by Stoffels, Fright Night utilizes this writing style to perfection. With most of the characters in the story given a chance to share their personal thoughts in connections with the events unfolding we are able to understand just how multifaceted a situation can be. I also loved the reveal a little over halfway through that just instantly clicked as soon as I read it. While technically this book is set in the summer, it feels like just such a fantastic Halloween read. You can get your copy of Fright Night today.


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