Inside the Hollywood Closet: A Book of Quotes Book Review from @kleffnotes

Boze Hadleigh is back in our book reviews with a new book of quotes titled Inside the Hollywood Closet: A Book of Quotes. He has written about those in and out of the closet in Hollywood and hits book provides readers with quotes from a variety of people that you may or may not know. Enjoy this brief examination of Hadleigh’s latest book here.

I had previously reviewed Hollywood Lesbians from Garbo to Foster on our site and enjoyed that read and was intrigued by this new work by the author. I have reviewed other quote books in the past and find them to be a fun way to get a bit of wisdom or insight into a topic with a bit of casual flipping. In this case the book is broken down into four primary quote sections. This book is a new work, but does draw from a previous quote collection. Hadleigh is focused on sharing words from throughout the LGBTQ+ community. The first section focuses on working in Hollywood and the idea of acting as being a game that one plays. The next section is focuses on being out and the topic of outing, which does include some humorous quotes that surprisingly made me smile.

The “Loving in Private” section discusses the lives of those who were in the limelight and had their own lives beyond those cameras. There are headlines and other bits of dialogue that focus on how people lived and loved. The final section “Dishing in Public” focuses on peoples reactions to member of the LGBTQ+ community who are celebrities. What threw me a bit were all of the Michael Jackson quotes that started that section, but it does still examine how the public reacts to people who are outside of the heterosexual normalcy they expect. Inside the Hollywood Closet is a fun book and can make for a great flip through that will give you some new insight into a variety of people who have been in the spotlight. You can get your copy of Inside the Hollywood Closet: A Book of Quotes today.

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