Revenge of the Sluts Book Review from @kleffnotes

Eden is the lead reporter for The Weekly Warrior at St. Joseph’s High School and covers a number of stories. What happens when intimate photos are released of seven female students through an anonymous email, Eden knows she has to get to the bottom of this. This new story for her is the focus on Revenge of the Sluts, which is the debut novel of Natalie Walton.

This might be Walton’s first published book, but she has been writing for some time. She even notes that she technically wrote her first “book” in second grade. Her stories have been posted on Wattpad since she was fourteen and she wrote this latest story, now novel, while working on her sociology and criminal justice degree full time at the University of Delaware. Though this is a debut Walton is a strong writer who has practiced her craft and this shines through in the story she has created. This empowering work showcases women coming together and fighting for themselves.

In terms of the story, Eden is shocked by the fact that some people don’t seem to think of the students who had their pictures leaked as victims. There are discussions about them “bringing it upon themselves” and even worse the school only seems interested in protecting itself. With more emails being threatened Eden and the seven women come together to seek out the person who revealed their pictures and with their name, The Slut Squad, they band together to turn the tables. You can get your copy of Revenge of the Sluts today.

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