Sparo Rising: Blade of Wexbury Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you haven’t read any of my previous Techromancy Scrolls reviews I definitely urge you to go check those our before you delve into this one. That series just ended, but while the base story may be done Erik Schubach is now devoting some time to adding some more details to characters that were not as central to the original plot. The Sparo Rising series is a spinoff focused on a side character in a standalone story. You wouldn’t need to read the original series to understand this new series, but I highly recommend it.

The first book in this series focuses on Lady Verna and her rise to knighthood. Ever since she was a child she always dreamed of being a knight. When a stranger saved her life and her family from marauders this became her goal. With her best friend Celeste they worked toward their shared goal and aspired to become Squires. While they are not chosen initially both are selected when they are sixteen. With the Horde rising as a threat under the control of the Reaper this impacts their training over the years. When the Reaper arrives at the gates they will find themselves called to help the realm of York.

I am so excited about this new series and with my love for the original series, this one definitely feels like such a delight. I have always wanted to know more about the characters in the series and Lady Verna is an epic character to start with. I absolutely loved this book and am really excited to read more, the fact that my Techromancy Scolls love can continue for books to come just fills me with joy. You can get your copy of Sparo Rising: Blade of Wexbury today.

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