@HoudiniandDoyle A Moment for Edison from @kleffnotes

This week’s Houdini and Doyle episode included murder, a haunted house, and Mr. Thomas Edison. I thought with the appearance of Edison that I would take a bit of time to talk about the inventor and some of his inventions.  Continue reading “@HoudiniandDoyle A Moment for Edison from @kleffnotes”

Interview With @AmyGumenick via @tdmiller820917 #TurnAMC #Arrow #Supernatural

Amy Gumenick is a gifted actress with an impressive resume of television and film roles including CSI, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy. She is well-known to fans of The CW’s long running show Supernatural for her incredible portrayal of young Mary Winchester. Arrow fans have been riveted watching the talented Gumenick transform into Cupid. Currently, Amy Gumenick has been mesmerizing viewers as Philomena in the AMC period drama TURN: Washington Spies. This August, we can see Gumenick as Sarah in the horror film The Binding. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Amy Gumenick about the various characters she has played. Read what she had to say below.

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@PreacherAMC Recap: South Will Rise Again from @kleffnotes

This week’s episode of Preacher opened with a return to Ratwater, you know that place in 1881 with all the dead bodies and the lone cowboy. He’s made the long journey for some sort of medication, but while he wants to leave as soon as possible, the pharmacist insists he needs to wait until morning. Now I can’t tell you everything here, keep reading for the rest of the recap. Continue reading “@PreacherAMC Recap: South Will Rise Again from @kleffnotes”

@AttitudesinRev will be a guest at WISHCon via @tdmiller820917 @WISHConOfficial

The Nerdy Girl Express has been offering for its readers an ongoing series profiling the various guests who will be attending WiSHCon. Recently, it was announced that Attitudes in Reverse, a nonprofit organization working tirelessly to end the stigma associated with anxiety and depression and to educate on good mental health, has been invited to be a guest at WiSHCon.

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@alexspaun @GanjyMovie set to deliver emotional punches via @tdmiller820917

Indie films continue to occupy an important place in the entertainment industry for their willingness to tell a story that addresses raw human emotion in powerful ways. These films often must get their message to audiences without the benefit of significant financial resources to aid in the production of their films. Yet, they are artistic masterpieces weaving messages of strength, determination and compassion. One short indie film, Ganjy, is set to deliver emotional punches.

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@UnRealLifetime Treason Preview via @stacyamiller85 @ConstanceZimmer #UnRealTV

UnReal episode “Treason” airing Monday, June 27 will see developments in the Quinn/Rachel (Constance Zimmer, Shiri Appleby) dynamic as Quinn confronts Rachel on her betrayal. And after injuring his back due to Brittani, will Darius (BJ Britt) be able to continue with the show?

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