Your Guide to Prep for #CarmillaS3 Act III from @kleffnotes ( @carmillaseries @KindaTV_ )

The final act of Carmilla Season 3 drops this Thursday, October 13th, at 7:30 pm est and to prepare for this momentous occasion here’s my guide for getting ready for the big day.

Watch Seasons 1, 2, and 0 of Carmilla: This is first on the list because even if you have been a dedicated creampuff from the beginning, a slightly newer fan, or just deciding to join this amazing fandom today this is the best way to get started. Now while that list doesn’t look like it’s in order it is. Don’t watch season 0 first, you have to watch it after season 2. There is also a Christmas special between season 1 and season 2, which is wonderful! You can find all three seasons, plus the Christmas episode, on  The KindaTV YouTube channel under playlists.

Watch Acts I and II of Season 3: Before the final act drops make sure you know what came before it. You get to see the bear spray, the fight scenes, and the rather impressive “oops” moments. You can find them on on KindaTV’s YouTube channel too.

Check out all of the amazing bonus content: KindaTV has done tons of Carmilla content to promote this season and the videos are amazing. You can watch the cast take on goofy challenges, hear them talk about the series, and learn a little bit more about them also over on KindaTV. Season 3 also has a companion podcast focused on Mel, Transmissions from the Pit. There are some minor visuals and when you listen to them you get to hear what is happening to students outside of the library.

Watch the Season 1 U by Kotex moments: During the first season there were fun Silas PSAs hosted by the characters of Carmilla. Kirsch and Danny battle over period knowledge, Perry and Laf explain U by Kotex products, and Carmilla and Laura discuss if vampires even have periods. Seeing the earlier videos also shows you just how much the show has grown, you can check them out here.

Dive into the awesomeness of Carmilla Feels HQ: If you want a place to share your Carmilla thoughts, listen to awesome playlists, and generally just nerd flail about this web series you definitely need to check out the Carmilla Feels HQ YouTube channeltumblr, and Twitter, @CarmillaFeelsHQ.

Read some epic Carmilla related content: There are three sites that have done some fabulous Carmilla related work. netTVnow has a diverse assortment of recaps and updates related to the series on their site. You can find them on Twitter, @netTVnow. Talk Nerdy With Us also has great write ups about the series, including interviews with some of the cast members. You can find them on Twitter, @TalkNerdyWithUS. Last, but most certainly not least, is StarryMag and all their amazing work connected to Carmilla. You can find recaps and great interviews there too. For Carmilla live tweets you can get some pretty epic gifs from their official Twitter, @StarryMag.

Speaking of Twitter, check out all the transmedia happening there: You can see what Laura, @Laura2theLetter, Carmilla, @HeyCarmilla, Laf, @LaFilphormes, and The Dean, @SilasUniversity, are up to when they aren’t on camera. The Dean’s Twitter has gotten passed around a bit recently so expect some surprise guest tweeters.

And finally, you can check out all the Carmilla related content we’ve been posting on The Nerdy Girl Express. We have videos, articles, and a really great fan project that I am exceptionally proud of. I’ll also be posting more Carmilla content later this week.

Now if you need me I’ll be stocking up on ice cream and tissues because otherwise I will never survive Act III.

Share your Carmilla thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog,, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.


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