The Creators #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

After being enrolled in the Creator Academy and separated from her Creation Kardunn, Maya is attempting to cope with all of the change as well as the diabolical workings of Morgan Etain. This issue presents the school and just how Creators first began, though you’ll have to follow the rules or you just might wind up in detention. Continue reading “The Creators #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes”

The Miller Twins Talk #Supernatural Ep12x09 First Blood via @stacyamiller85 @tdmiller820917

A new column at The Nerdy Girl Express is The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural Season 12. Here twins and The Nerdy Girl Express writers, Stacy Miller and Tracy Miller, will share their thoughts about the heroic Winchester boys, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) as well as the many other wonderful characters on The CW’s longest running show. Will these twins agree on the characters and plot themes for each episode? Read below to find out.

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@JoBelleCee Interview With Roote 66 Author JB Coffman via @tdmiller820917

We all travel roads through life that are often shaped by the unforgiving hand of tragedy and self-doubt. Yet, sometimes on our journey towards an unknown destination, our lives intersect with others who teach us about ourselves and the world around us. JB Coffman gives readers an honest and intimate look at life in her well-written and poignant book, “Roote 66.”¬† Read what she had to say below.

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